Hawaii Five-0: Our 8 favorite moments from season 8 (so far!)

We may be only three episodes into season 8, but I’m already all in with Hawaii Five-0. Relive some of the best moments from the season thus far.

The eighth season of Hawaii Five-0 has only just begun, but already we have seen some of the best bits and bobs the series has to offer.

Okay, I admit—with the departures of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, I had my doubts on the new season. But, though sorely missed, the show hasn’t lost a step. Given what we’ve seen in the first three episodes back, the ensemble is still on point. (And that’s big of me to say—I only started watching for Kim and Park in the first place.)

I’m recapping eight of my favorite moments from the season thus far! Let’s see if you agree with me. Check out my picks below:

1. Of course, Steve and Danny’s “carguments”

Hawaii Five-0
Danny Williams (Scott Caan) and Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS

One of the main reasons why I keep tuning in to Hawaii Five-0 is the bromance between Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny Williams (Scott Caan). Steve and Danny’s partnership, whilst off to a rocky start, is certainly honest and well-delivered—O’Loughlin and Caan bounce off each other so effortlessly.

Over the seasons, their relationship develops in a beautiful way. But, compared to most partnerships, Steve and Danny don’t always see eye to eye. Their differences in opinion are often played out through “carguments,” which have been a staple of the series. Danny’s reactions to Steve’s often OTT (over the top) policing methods are pure gold, and Steve’s reactions are priceless on top of that.

This season, Steve and Danny are out to prove that they can have a classic cargument in any way, shape, or form—in the example case below, the cargument is animated, literally!

I could watch Steve and Danny “cargue” all day. (Not to mention, I could watch Steve on his own all day, but that’s another story.) HBU?

2. Joey Lawrence guest starring…as a villain!

Hawaii Five-0
Aaron Wright (Joey Lawrence) in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS

One of the many things Hawaii Five-0 always did right was bring in awesome guest stars—with Joey Lawrence this season, they certainly took it up a notch! Lawrence plays the role of Aaron Wright, the elder brother of the late villain Ian Wright (Nick Jonas). Lawrence’s appearance marked the second big guest star announcement, following the news of Chris Vance returning.

Lawrence is a noteworthy guest star, for he is well known for playing a wide array of fun characters. Now, is there is any way for Aaron and Eric Russo (Lawrence’s real life brother, Andrew Lawrence) to be in the same scene together?

3. Steve and Danny talking about missing Chin and Kono

Hawaii Five-0
Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) and Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS

I was probably the most upset of everyone when news of Kim and Park’s departures began to travel. As aforementioned, I only began watching because of Kim and Park. Though it pains me, I suppose I should be grateful their characters (Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua, respectively) weren’t killed off.

I commend the show for leaving the door open for Kim and Park to return (if ever), and I really love that we still hear Steve and Danny talk about Chin and Kono—it makes them still feel like part of the ‘ohana, in which they will be forever be a part of.

4. Steve and Eddie the Dog

Hawaii Five-0
Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Eddie in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS

Steve adopting a rescue dog gives me that much more to be excited about the eighth season. Eddie, the two-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, first appeared in the second episode, and is expected to make regular appearances.

In the wake of Steve’s radiation poisoning reveal, it makes a great deal of sense for Steve to have a canine companion by his side. Though he is a self-proclaimed cat person, I always saw Steve as a dog person, but I digress. The addition of Eddie is one the best decisions the show has made and I am glad that the producers accepted O’Loughlin’s idea of adding a dog to the show!

5. Grover and Eddie the Dog

Hawaii Five-0
Lou Grover (Chi McBride) and Eddie in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS

In the second episode, Lou Grover (Chi McBride) made it known that he wasn’t exactly a fan of dogs. So when Steve told him he needed to pat Eddie for good luck before a raid, I rolled—he merely tapped his head with his forefinger! But when Eddie saved his life, “Uncle Lou” became a “this dog” person! Lou talking baby talk to Eddie was pure gold.

I propose a spin-off starring Lou and Eddie.

6. Pretty much just Eddie the Dog…

Hawaii Five-0
Eddie in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS


7. …and pretty much just Grover

Hawaii Five-0
Lou Grover (Chi McBride) and Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS

McBride is so wonderful. He was really a perfect addition to the show. I love his deadpan delivery, and the faces he makes are nothing short of priceless.

With the exception of Danny (of course), leave it to Lou to add a bit of levity to moments of toe-curling, armrest-gripping drama.

8. McDanno’s Bar & Grill

Hawaii Five-0
Graphic via CBS

“A big part of last [season] and this [season] is talking about [the team’s individual] legacies and what they leave behind, and [Steve and Danny] sort of start this side project”—showrunner Peter M. Lenkov explained in relation to Steve and Danny opening a restaurant together. This, in turn, led to us learning the proposed name change of the restaurant via Kamekona (Taylor Wily): McDanno’s Bar & Grill (it was unofficially dubbed Steve’s at the end of season seven). First and foremost, I love that the show is subtly making “McDanno” canon. Also, I want one of the hundreds of shirts Kamekona already made up.

Of course, running a restaurant is not simple, especially with another person in tow. It’s daunting, even for the most like-minded business partners. A restaurant run by both Steve and Danny is a comedic disaster. That being said, I’m already booking my reservation via OpenTable.

Bonus: Steve and Danny cooking for Harry Langford (and failing miserably)

Hawaii Five-0
Harry Langford (Chris Vance), Veronique (Jessica Heller), Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), and Danny Williams (Scott Caan) in Hawaii Five-0. Photo: CBS

Before the end of the hour of the third episode, McDanno’s Bar & Grill had a trial run at Steve’s house when Steve and Danny had Harry Langford (Vance) and his wife—girlfriend, whatever—Veronique (Jessica Heller) over for dinner. Steve and Danny attempted to prepare a meal for them. Of course, it went disastrously wrong. If only they showed proof.

And I can’t wait for more moments like these!

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