Henry Cavill Responds To Ben Affleck’s Funny Message About Viral BvS Meme

Henry Cavill reacts to Ben Affleck's hilarious message referencing his "Sad Affleck" meme while they're promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Henry Cavill reacts to Ben Affleck bringing up his “Sad Affleck” meme from their time promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s been more than five years since Zack Snyder’s second DCEU film was released, and a lot has happened in the franchise since then. Despite this, one of the most memorable things to come out during that period was the video of Affleck gazing in thin air, looking all miserable, while at a press junkets for the blockbuster.

Warner Bros. hired Snyder to launch their own interconnected comic book franchise featuring DC characters, with the DCEU officially kicking off with 2013’s Man of Steel. Three years later, the filmmaker brought together two of the most recognizable superheroes of all time in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which premiered in 2016. The movie also saw the introduction of other Justice League members, including Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s Flash, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. While Affleck and Cavill played the battling Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent on the big screen, the actors are actually fond of each other, as proven by this recent indirect interaction.

Both stars are currently promoting their respective projects, with Cavill doing junkets for The Witcher season 2 and Affleck for The Tender Bar. They happen to separately talk to Fox 5 Washington DC and were given the chance to send each other a message. Affleck went first, and instead of going with a simple greeting, he decided to bring up the viral “Sad Affleck” meme from their time marketing Batman v Superman. When Cavill heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh, adding that he’s a big fan of Affleck.

Affleck: Don’t drift off while talking to Henry, because they’ll zoom in on you and play a Simon & Garfunkel song and you’ll never live it down. […]

Cavill: [Laughs] Hi to Ben Affleck, as well. Big fan of his.

After starring in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the pair worked together again for Justice League, but the production was mired with controversies that ultimately derailed the original plan for the cinematic universe. Affleck was supposed to write, direct, and star in a Batman standalone project, which was ultimately reworked to be Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman featuring a new Caped Crusader in Robert Pattinson. Though he initially said he was retiring from the character, he has agreed to appear in the upcoming The Flash film after being convinced by director Andy Muschietti. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill, who’s widely beloved as Superman and has expressed his desire to continue playing the role, has yet to book his next outing in the DCEU.

When Cavill and Affleck were announced for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans were hyped about their new iteration of the DC heroes. Both have been great in their respective roles, and in an ideal world, they would still continue their stints as Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Despite appearing in two films together, the characters’ relationship has been barely explored yet — something that many are still interested to see. Unfortunately, given the state of the DCEU, it might be a while before the public sees them share the screen together again, if at all.

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