Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Gets Full Focus In Enola Holmes 2 First Footage

Henry Cavill's Sherlock is back in the first footage for Netflix's Enola Holmes 2, which spotlights the iconic detective and his brilliant sister.

Henry Cavill’s Sherlock takes center stage in the first footage from Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2. Back in 2020, Netflix debuted the first film adaptation of Nancy Springer’s best-selling young adult Enola Holmes books. The series follows the adventures of the brilliant and witty Enola, younger sister to famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Netflix’s movie stars Millie Bobby Brown as Enola and follows her on her first case, which involves her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter) and a young runaway marquess (Louis Partridge). Enola Holmes also features Susan Wokoma, Adeel Akhtar, Sam Claflin, and Fiona Shaw.

After Enola Holmes’ successful launch on Netflix in September 2020, there were talks of a sequel possibly entering development. Those like Brown and director Harry Bradbeer signaled their interest in returning, but it wasn’t until May 2021 that Netflix confirmed Enola Holmes 2 would soon become a reality. Brown, Cavill, Partridge, and Carter are all set to return, while newcomers to the cast include David Thewlis and Sharon Duncan-Brewster. Filming on Enola Holmes 2 started up in the back half of 2021 and wrapped in January.

Though a release date hasn’t been given just yet, Netflix has debuted the first Enola Holmes 2 footage within its massive 2022 movie preview trailer. At about 1 minute and 5 seconds into the trailer below, Enola can be seen running through the crowded streets of London. However, it’s soon Cavill’s Sherlock who gets the biggest focus, even addressing the audience in a fourth-wall-breaking moment that matches the rest of the trailer. Amusingly, Enola is quick to call him out on this, since “I thought that was my thing.” Check it out below.

Enola Holmes 2 is poised to follow the story from Springer’s second book, The Case of the Left-Handed Lady. In it, Enola is investigating the disappearance of a young girl while trying to evade Sherlock at every turn. However, in order to solve the mystery, she just might need his help. As the new Enola Holmes 2 footage shows, the two siblings will reunite at some point, which seems to point to an expanded role for Cavill. Considering his star power, that isn’t too surprising, and the first Enola Holmes left Sherlock’s relationship with his sister in an interesting place. The sequel should provide opportunities for some excellent development.

As Enola Holmes 2 only just completed filming last month, it seems likely it won’t premiere on Netflix until much later this year. The first movie debuted in the early fall, which could be where its sequel will be slotted in as well. Should that be the case, it might be a while before fans see more of Enola’s next cinematic adventure. Luckily, as the Netflix trailer points out, there will be plenty of entertainment to sustain everyone until then.

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