Is this Harry Morgan as Col. Sherman T. Potter or as Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele?

Harry Morgan played Gen. Steele for one episode, but we still heard some Potterisms!

M*A*S*H just wouldn’t be the same without Harry Morgan as Col. Sherman T. Potter. His famous Potterisms allowed him to call out somebody without dropping a swear!

He gave many memorable performances as Col. Potter from the start of season four until the show’s conclusion in season 11. Of course, as M*A*S*H fans know, he delivered an incredible performance in season three’s episode “The General Flipped at Dawn,” as visiting Gen. Steele.

Can you tell these authoritative roles from Harry Morgan apart from images alone? Use whatever clues you may find in these images and see if you can pass this quiz!

Try not to end up with a score that leaves you saying, “beaver biscuits!”

    1. Here is Morgan giving a salute as…
    2. This introduction to Radar is as…
    3. What character meets Klinger in this setting?
  1. Can you tell what character Morgan is playing here?
  2. What about here?
  3. Which character gets an unexpected back crack from Hawkeye here?
  4. In this image, Morgan swings around a support beam in one of the tents as…
  5. Which character shares a drink with Hawkeye?
  6. This blow up comes from the character…
  7. He gets into an altercation with Hawkeye here as…

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