John David Washington Isn’t Denzel Washington’s Only Son: Here’s What We Know About Washington’s Other Kids

The legendary actor has three other children in addition to his famous oldest son.

For over four decades, American actor Denzel Washington mastered the art of playing roles on the big screen. From historical movies to neo-noir pics, modern drama to costume drama, Denzel churned out content. It is safe to say that as of present times, Denzel is arguably one of the best actors of his generation. While he is still quite active, these days he seems to be gradually passing the mantle to his children, most notably, his eldest son, John David Washington. John is one of four children that Denzel shares with Pauletta Washington, his wife of close to four decades.

John’s younger siblings are Katia and twins Malcolm and Olivia. The trio are all grown and very much into showbiz and all that Hollywood has to offer. John was born in 1984, a year after his parents got married, and Katia followed in 1987. The twins were born in 1991 and since then their star parents have navigated the desirable and challenging sides to parenthood. These days Pauletta and Denzel sit back proudly watching how their children have flourished through the years. Here’s all we know about their personal and showbiz lives.

Denzel Washington Values Family Life Beyond His Career

The two-time Oscar winner has attained plenty of success, however, he doesn’t feel it is complete without his family. When Denzel is done with the hustle and bustle on the glamorous streets of Hollywood, he heads home to his wife and kids. The star once shared that acting was “just a way of making a living,” and according to him, his “family is life.” Speaking of kids, Denzel knows the importance of raising them right or at least working towards making them good humans.

Denzel And His Wife Made Sure To Influence Their Kids Positively

The Training Day actor once shared that he and Pauletta actively worked to be a positive influence on their children. The A-lister added that the church, school, and volunteering played major parts in positively influencing John and his siblings. Other areas he inspired his kids include humility and the importance of helping others. Denzel told The Guardian about his kids: “My children are good people. They are not perfect, but they are generous, humble, and kind.” He added that his wife however did the best job of giving them a “normal life.” Denzel referred to the Fairy Tales For Every Child actress as “the consistent” parent.

John David Did Not Immediately Go Into Acting

Now that all the Washington kids are all grown, they are grateful for how their parents raised them. Denzel once shared that John was 21 when he thanked his dad for their upbringing. He had the ideal role model by his side when growing up and in a little while, he found his footing.

However, becoming an actor was not as easy for John as it seems. The Tenet actor might be a recognized star now, but he had a hard time joining the movie industry. John suffered from imposter syndrome and felt he could not measure up to his famous name. He began playing football after college, but in the 2010s, he veered into Hollywood. Some of his acting credits include Malcolm and Marie, BlackkKlansman, Ballers, and Monster.

Katia Prefers To Work Behind The Camera

Katia was born the year after her older brother, and just like him, she attended college before starting a career in show business. The 34-year-old’s face might not be known on TV screens, but she pulls her weight behind the scenes. According to her IMDb profile, Katia has produced a number of film projects including Malcolm and Marie, Fences, and Women Assassination Nation. She worked in the editorial department on Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Malcolm’s Career Path Is Similar to his Older Brother’s

Malcolm Washington attended college between 2009 and 2013. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania before following his Hollywood dreams. Malcolm played basketball in college, although he did not seem to use sports as an escape. He has since channeled his father’s directing path. The star has directed movies including Benny Got Shot and Trouble Man. His production credits include Summer of 17, North Hollywood, and The Dispute.

Olivia Is An Actress and A Model

Olivia studied at New York University and showbiz came next. She works as a model but is more known for her acting. The star has appeared in movies including MadoffShe’s Gotta Have ItMr. Robot, and Chicago P.D. She studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and in 2015, she made her Broadway debut in The Glass Menagerie. Denzel once shared that he gave Olivia tips on her quest to becoming a phenomenal leading lady.

Denzel Family Members Are Philanthropists

As previously mentioned, Denzel and Pauletta taught their kids the importance of giving back to society and this lesson blossomed into something beautiful in subsequent years. The Washington family runs the Denzel Washington Family Foundation where they donate millions to organizations. Back in July, the foundation gave $100,000 to Wiley College as a fourth instalment in their quest to give $1 million to the Texas HBCU.

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