Johnny Carson welcomes a slightly tipsy Dean Martin

Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show featured the most famous celebrity guests. Dean Martin, The King of Cool, sat down to talk with the late-night host in anticipation of his upcoming special.

However, their conversation did not quite as Carson intended. It seemed as if Martin had started the party earlier in the evening without his host and came onstage a little bit tipsy.

Martin plopped into his seat and stared out at the audience. He asked Carson how all these people got into his room. The crowd roared with laughter, realizing Martin had imbibed some liquid courage.

Dean Martin

Carson and his other guest made light of the situation, leading Martin to make hilarious comments. Martin didn’t seem to understand the joke, making it even funnier for the audience.

Martin then becomes very passionate about something and begins to raise his voice. Still speaking loudly, he chides Carson for not telling him to stop yelling. The audience is in tears from laughing so hard.

Johnny Carson and Dean Martin

Carson asks Martin about his upcoming special, but Martin didn’t know what Carson was on about. Then when he remembered, he seemed surprised that the special had actually been made.

With mock exasperation, Johnny Carson looked at the camera to announce a commercial break. Those in the audience that night will never forget seeing the more relaxed side of Dean Martin!


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