Kevin Costner Makes A Fortune Per Episode On ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner's salary for 'Yellowstone' makes him among the better-paid actors on TV.

The competition for viewers on TV is heating up, as networks and streaming services, like Netflix, are all making great content. Major franchises are even getting in the ring these days, and they’re spending millions to make their shows. For instance, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show is the most expensive in history, which just shows how fierce the competition is getting.

Yellowstone, despite the competition around it, has become a massive success in its own right, and it has done so without the backing of hundreds of millions of dollars from Amazon or Disney.

The show is making money, and we’ve already ranked the Yellowstone cast by net worth, but let’s specifically take a look at Kevin Costner and how much he is making per episode.

Kevin Costner Has Had A Long Career

Having been in the entertainment industry since the 1980s Kevin Costner is a performer who has had a wealth of success as an actor, and as someone who has worked in a variety of roles behind the scenes, as well. He’s had ups and downs, sure, but there aren’t many out there who can match what he has accomplished.

The two-time Oscar winner has genuinely seen and done at all during his time in the industry, and the fact that he has been able to find success in film and on television is a true testament to his talent. The Herculean effort that he has put into some of his biggest projects, notably Dances with Wolves, helped him go down in history.

Through the years, Costner has continued to work in a variety of roles, and his most recent career triumph has come on the small screen on the show Yellowstone, which has been a breath of fresh air for television fans.

He Currently Stars On ‘Yellowstone’

In June 2018, Yellowstone made its official debut on the small screen, and over the course of its four seasons on the air, it has been able to rope in a loyal audience that has turned the show into a genuine hit.

Boasting a talented cast of performers led by Kevin Costner, the series has been able to do all of the little things right each step of the way. While it was not a hit with critics early on, the show has continued to improve each season, and it has been truly fascinating to watch the show grow in terms of its critical acclaim over time.

At this point, the show has been a big enough success to warrant spin-off projects being put into production, and so far, one project has aired. At this time, there is another one in the works. It just goes to show that people genuinely love the world that is being crafted on the show.

Thanks to the show’s success, Costner has been raking in the dough in recent years, which has certainly helped his net worth.

Costner Makes $500,000 Per Episode

When signing on to star on the show, Kevin Costner also signed on as a producer, which gave his initial salary a nice bump. According to CheatSheet, Kevin Costner is making $500,000 per episode of the show, which makes him one of the better-paid stars on all of television.

Now, it should be noted that many actors and actresses do not start off making this kind of money on a TV series, but Costner did bring plenty of name-value to the project, and he managed to snag producer credits, as well. These two factors contributed to his salary ballooning all the way up to $500,000 each episode.

Should the series continue being a success on the small screen, then you had better believe that Costner’s salary is only going to go up from here. Every once in a while, we do see television stars crack the $1 million thresholds, and while it is uncommon, it is still a reachable plateau for Costner. Time will certainly tell, but the actor is on his way to making even more money than he is now. Should the show reach mass syndication, then he will haul in millions.

As we mentioned already, this salary has certainly boosted his net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Costner is currently worth $250 million, and the sustained success of the show will keep adding to this as seasons go by.

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