Kit Harington Reveals What Life Is Like After ‘Game Of Thrones’

Kit Harington offered a refreshingly honest account of his life post ‘Game Of Thrones’, even opening up about his battle with alcoholism.

Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, offered a refreshingly honest account of what life looks like for him post ‘Game Of Thrones’, even opening up about his battle with alcoholism. The actor sat down for a candid interview with The Guardian’s Emine Saner at his London home, which he shares with his wife – fellow ‘Game Of Thrones’ alumni Rose Leslie – and the pair’s young son.

Harington is currently in the midst of promoting his latest project, which will see him play the role of Henry V in Shakespeare’s eponymous play ‘Henry V’ onstage at the Donmar Warehouse in London.

Harrington Tries To Embrace The Fact That He’ll Always Be Associated With Jon Snow

Although his latest character bears similarities to Harington’s much-loved Jon Snow, he insisted that he wasn’t afraid of the likeness. “There’s an element of me always trying to get away from that comparison, but at the same time, you’re not going to, so why try?”

“A large portion of the audience coming to this will be fans of that show, and that’s a great thing.”

In addition to the resemblance between the two fictional characters, Harington divulged that Henry also resonated with parts of himself, particularly his struggle with addiction.

Kit Referred To His Alcoholism As A ‘Self-Centered Disease’

“Addiction gone wrong is a very selfish trait. Even a sober addict can be a very selfish person. It’s a self-centered disease.”

“This is a very addictive job. In a week’s time, I’m going to go out, stand on stage and get applause and it’s going to be a huge rush and a high. The trouble is, I never really wanted to come down from that high.”

“Now, I’ve learned how I do that and I’m much happier for it. So I’m well on my path to recovery, and all I can say to anyone thinking about it is it’s a wonderful way of living your life. It saved me, for sure.”

“I feel like a much more grounded, settled person. I’m so grateful that I got sober before having a child.”

Furthermore, the star disclosed that his son may already have been bitten by the same acting bug that sunk its teeth into his parents. “You know, I’ve noticed that my little boy loves applause.”

“He’s the son of two actors so he’s going to, isn’t he? But everything he does, he wants applause. It’s making me and Rose terrified.”

“It’s something about that. I think I was a show-off and I liked getting celebrated by my mother. I like attention.”

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