‘Leave It to Beaver’ Star Jerry Mathers Once Recalled ‘Fabulous Things’ He Did as a Child Star

People have been watching Jerry Mathers play Beaver Cleaver on the classic TV show Leave It to Beaver for years as a child actor. One of the things that Mathers did get a chance to do is have a lot of experiences. Many of them did involve things that normal kids would have in their lives. He reflected on his career and about some of those things that he did have in life as a young man.

Jerry Mathers Points Out Different Parts of His Life From ‘Leave It to Beaver’ and Beyond

“I worked as much before Leave It to Beaver as I did during it,” Mathers said in an interview with CloserWeekly. “Plus, people don’t a lot of attention to kids. Some people would recognize me on the street, but not that many. It was just a really good life. I had a great education, and I got to do some fabulous things, like getting a private tour of the Smithsonian. Any place we went, we were singled out pretty much and got great treatment. Just a fantastic life for a kid.”

For years, Mathers has been connected with Tony Dow, who played his brother Wally. They have made appearances together and talked about the show and their lives. Mathers always has expressed his gratitude for having Dow in his life. After all, still being able to see Wally and the Beave in interviews these days is pretty cool.

In the world of network television, there’s a lot of competition for attention. Mathers reflected on how Leave It to Beaver has managed to still survive in the world of TV competition. Mathers said in a 2017 interview that they never realized how popular the show was at all.

Themes That Make Up Different Episodes Remain Timeless

“Because when it was on, it was always a very good show, was always in the top 10, sometimes 5th or 6th, but it was never the number one show,” he says. “And so we thought ‘Oh, this is a fine show to do.’ But then suddenly the number one show wasn’t on anymore and all these years later, 1957 to now, Leave It to Beaver is still running.”

The show’s themes are still worth keeping track of to this day. Family is important even with all the different circumstances that the kids find themselves in during the show’s run. Seeing a strong mother and father, played by Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont, on there makes a difference. Toss in other parental roles from characters and it’s a pretty solid show. Of course, seeing Gilbert or someone else in Beaver’s world get in trouble is enough to get viewers’ attention.

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