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‘Little House on the Prairie’: One Star Dismantled the Homestead at End of Show and Took It Home with Him

It’s always hard when a show ends, so one Little House on The Prairie star wanted to take a piece of the show with him… literally. According to a blog about the series, not all of the set pieces met the fiery end that people think. The series ends when the townspeople refuse to give up their land to a predatory Land Barron and the whole town goes up in flames.

But you may notice in the show that two buildings, the church, and the Ingall’s house, remain intact. But the blog, Laura’s Prairie, learned where the house went.

In fact, one star, Stan Ivar, dismantled the homestead set and took it home with him. He still has it. Stan Ivar played John Carter on Little House on the Prairie. Apparently, while Ivar wanted to give the home to the town of Walnut Grove so it could be a tourist attraction, the owner of the Little House on The Prairie brand threatened to sue if he tried to do anything with it.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Said Her Life Seems Like a Dream

Stan Ivar may still have the house, but he’s far from the only Little House on the Prairie actor who is still affected by the show. Many of the actors still talk about their time on the show frequently. In a recent throwback post on Instagram, Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert, who played the one and only Laura Ingalls, talked about how the early parts of her life seem like a total dream.

The photo was of Melissa Gilbert and iconic actor Ray Bolger who played the scarecrow on The Wizard of Oz. Bolger was just one of the many celebrities to make a guest appearance on the show. In fact, one time Johnny Cash and his Wife June Carter made an appearance.

But still, it looks like her time with Ray Bolger really touched Melissa Gilbert’s heart.

“My pal Ray Bolger,” Melissa Gilbert wrote. “I honestly cannot even begin to express what a thrill it was to work with him. He was wonderfully kind to me. I’m telling you, much of my life really does seem like a dream.”

Meanwhile, Alison Arngrim, who played Nasty Nellie, talks a lot about Little House on the Prairie as well. In fact, she’s made her role as the antagonist of Little House on the Prairie kind of a part of her brand. The actress does stand-up bits and has recounted plenty of hilarious times she’s had both on and off the show.

From actors keeping pieces of the set, to writing nostalgic notes on social media, to writing comedy routines related to the show, it’s clear that Little House on The Prairie touched the people who worked on the set.

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