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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Karen Grassle Praises Costar Melissa Gilbert’s New Book

Actress Karen Grassle of the classic TV show Little House on the Prairie is offering up some high praise for costar Melissa Gilbert’s book. It’s the latest one produced by Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the show. Grassle played matriarch Caroline Ingalls on there. Well, let’s take a look and see what Grassle is saying about Gilbert’s book.

She writes, “Oh how happy reading about Melissa’s happiness makes me! As I read this in MY happy place. #backtotheprairie #littlehouseontheprairie #fridayreads @melissagilbertofficial”. Grassle adds some heart emojis after her comments on Back to the Prairie: A Home Remade, A Life Rediscovered.

Karen Grassle of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Admits Relationship With Michael Landon Was Tough Sometimes

Fans who follow Grassle’s Instagram account were vocal about the actress’ comments. One writes, “[I] have your book and melissa gilbert books with her signature in her new book. love you both i still watch little house on the prairie week days and also have the series.” This fan states, “Both of your books are excellent! My childhood was all about LHOTP and Laura Ingalls Wilder books!!!!” Grassle’s book is titled Bright Lights, Prairie Dust: Reflections on Life, Loss, and Love from Little House’s Ma.

Meanwhile, as the years have gone by since the show ended, Grasssle has talked about her working relationship with Michael Landon. He, of course, played Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. She did recall one time that you could “cut the tension” with him “with a knife.” Grassle opened up a bit about this in her book along with an interview for Fox News. She would say that it was hard for her to go to work knowing Landon was annoyed with you.

Actress Admits Show Dealt With Problems ‘In A Certain Way’

“You could cut the tension with a knife,” Grassle said. “And you felt he was probably saying things about you behind your back. He had a sense of humor and if he wanted to make fun of you, boy, you were skewered.” Additionally, anyone who has seen her show might see it as being a realistic look at life in the Ingalls’ days. Well, Grassle would be the first to tell you that the show was not designed to be realistic.

“When I started in Little House, it was a little bit of a small canvas at first,” Grassle told interviewer John Cowan on his Real Life podcast. “Not only was the television screen small, and you had to act within this very small frame, but the shows were designed to not be realistic. So, they dealt with problems, but with a certain tone. In a certain way.”

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