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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Finally Meets the ‘Newest Addition’ to the Family: PHOTOS

Little House on the Prairie’s Melissa Gilbert is now a grandma twice over. And she was finally able to meet the “newest addition” today.

The classic TV star’s stepson William Busfield and his wife Angela welcomed a little girl into the world in April. But due to travel issues and the actress’s bout with Covid, she and her husband, Timothy Busfield, hadn’t been formally introduced. However, that all changed on June 14th. And Melissa Gilbert was excited to post about the union on Instagram.

“Everyone say hi to the newest addition to our family who I finally got to meet today,” she wrote alongside two adorable photos. “The silver lining of having Covid a couple weeks ago is that I’m super immune right now! Meet Rosemary Coates Busfield aka Romy. Absolute heaven. #nana #proudnana #nanapint #granddaughter #iminlove.”

Melissa Gilbert Wishes Her First Grandchild a Happy Birthday

But the grandma feels don’t end with a new baby in the family. Meeting little Romy came less than a week after the actress wished her first grandchild, Ripley, a happy first birthday.

On June 8th, Melissa Gilbert sent a birthday message and lots of love to the toddler on her milestone day.

“Happy first birthday Ripley Lou! Nana and Papa love you sooooooo much!!!” she captioned next to a snapshot of Ripley donning a “one” crown. “#proudnana  #nanapint  #backtotheprairie  #backtotheprairiebook  @timbusfield  @martobes.”

The ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Has ‘Wanted to be a Grandma Forever’

Ripley is the daughter of Gilbert’s eldest son, Dakota Brinkman, and his wife Marissa.

As the actress shared, the baby was born weighing 7 pounds, six ounces. Marissa was “a warrior through the whole process, and [Dakota] was the perfect partner to her.”

“[Tim] and I are Nana and Papa to this sweet Angel!” she wrote on Instagram.

As Closer reported shortly after the birth, Melissa Gilbert had “wanted to be a grandma forever,” according to a source close to the actress.

“She loves kids and misses having babies around,” they added.

Once the newborn made it into the world, Melissa and Timothy quickly made arrangements to travel from their home in Highland Lake, N.Y., to meet Ripley in Austin, Texas. Nothing, not even COVID travel restrictions, could stand in her way.

“Melissa’s only issue is that she wishes they lived closer,” the source continued. “She jokes that if it were up to her, she’d move right in, but she doesn’t want to overstay her welcome.”

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