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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Says She Doesn’t Miss Hollywood

Melissa Gilbert is most widely known for her role in the classic TV historical drama “Little House on the Prairie.” Most recently, however, she released a new novel entitled Back to the Prairie: A Home Remade, A Life Rediscovered. Overall, it mostly details her journey from Hollywood to the Catskill Mountains in New York amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it also touches on other aspects of her life. Clearly, “Little House on the Prairie” has had a heavy influence, encouraging Gilbert to pursue a simple life. She now even grows her own food after rebuilding her new home with her husband. However, one of the downsides of life in the spotlight is the constant social pressure. Now though, following the book’s release, the Laura Ingalls Wilder actress revealed she doesn’t miss Hollywood one bit.

“I don’t miss Hollywood,” Melissa Gilbert told Next Avenue. “I miss my relatives and friends in Los Angeles…terribly.”

Unfortunately, for the former “Little House on the Prairie” star, the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the vast distance between New York and L.A., formerly made visits hard to plan.

“I wish I could see [my friends and family] more often,” she further told the outlet. “I’m hoping that as things gradually open up and we don’t go backward, I’ll continue to have the freedom to go visit them when I need to.”

According to Fox News, Melissa Gilbert moved to her cabin, which she’s affectionately nicknamed “Cabbage,” in December of 2019. However, she was only finally able to visit her mom last summer.

“That was really impactful,” she said. “I saw my kids and I saw my granddaughter in LA. I miss them…[and] my friends there.”

Melissa Gilbert Leaves Behind Social Pressures Lingering From ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Days

While Melissa Gilbert longs for more time spent with family and friends following her move away from Hollywood, she has definitely begun to embrace the lack of social pressure she sees in the mountains of New York; namely those regarding her appearance.

As a child star on “Little House on the Prairie,” one of Melissa Gilbert’s most enduring struggles was that with her age and appearance. Following her time on the series, the actress revealed, “I had Botox, fillers, recolored my hair, and bought a Mustang convertible at the urging of the inappropriately young French dude I began dating.”

Now though, following the release of her latest book, the actress revealed she’s left the hunt for youth behind.

“I had to get out of Los Angeles to actually age, which I wanted to do,” she previously said while on “Good Morning America.”

“I’m excited about this. I love all these changes and watching what’s happening and getting to know this new person.”

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