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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Shares Another COVID Update: ‘This Still Sucks’

“Little House on the Prairie” alum Melissa Gilbert is still recovering at home after she contracted COVID-19. On Wednesday, the classic TV star posted to her social media revealing her positive diagnosis. Now, Gilbert is giving us an update as she quarantines from home.

“Covid update: Day three of symptoms, day two since positive test and start of Paxlovid,” she began the Instagram post that featured a series of pics showing what she’s been up to while taking it easy from her New York home.

She continued, writing, “Ugh, this still sucks. Fever peaked yesterday at 102. His morning Pre-Advil it was 100. Still have aches, chills, wicked sore throat, stuffy nose and tightness in my chest. Zero appetite but forcing myself to get some calories in. Sleeping off and on all day and night. Drinking tons of fluid. Water and miso soup and ginger ale seem to be the favorites. Hoping the paxlovid, which really does leave a yucky taste in the mouth, will kick in full throttle tomorrow.”

In the series of snaps, we see Melissa Gilbert is fighting the virus with a healthy dose of water, Advil, and an antiviral drug known as Paxlovid. She also shared a picture of what she was eating and drinking: some miso soup and ginger ale.

She also revealed the most challenging part for the former child star. According to Gilbert, she can’t stand not having her husband by her side, writing, “The very hardest part is being away from @timbusfield so long. Just hate it.” Although she has to keep away from her loved ones, she’s thankful she’s got her lab mix by her side, which she shared in the pics.

She also shared an adorable clip of herself playing with her puppy, or as she says, “her nurse.” “I do have the best nurse in Chicago,” Gilbert added of her furry friend. “This puppy! She won’t leave my side. She brings all of her lovies up on the bed and just stays here until I get up. Then she follows me everywhere. Hard to believe she’s just 5 months old.”

Melissa Gilbert recovers from the comfort of her Catskills cabins

Although it’s no fun being sick, at least Gilbert can do it from her own little house in the woods. Even though she grew up in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Gilbert has always been a country girl at heart. She exemplified this when she and her husband moved to the rural Catskill mountains.

The pair bought their run-down mountain cabin in 2018 and gave it a complete makeover. The rustic cottage sits on 14 acres in New York’s gorgeous Catskill Mountains. Although she no longer lives amid the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, she’s content living a life away from all that.

“This is what I’ve always wanted,” she said in a recent interview about her new life.

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