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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Shows Off New Look: ‘Mermaid Hair’

Over her career, Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert has had different fashion looks. Toss in her latest hairstyle, too.

Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the NBC family drama, sent out a picture of her new look through her Instagram account.

Her fans were digging that look, too.

One said, “Love your hair!!” Another one said, “I love it!”

Yet another fan writes, “beautimous!” One fan goes for the throwback shoutout, writing, “Good evening Halfpint, I loved that show and you were my fav in it.”

How about one for the road? “Love love love it!”

Right now, the Little House on the Prairie star is in a play called When Harry Met Rehab. Shows are taking place at the Greenhouse Theater Center in Chicago.

According to the play’s website, “When Harry Met Rehab chronicles in a humorous yet poignant way how Harry, an alcoholic on the edge of clueless annihilation, ended up in the hands of four imperfect strangers who caught him every time he stumbled and made his denial and excuses disappear. A comedy that takes sobriety seriously, the story is based loosely on the real-life experiences of Chicago sports radio personality, Harry Teinowitz.”

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actress Reveals Her Worst Memory From Show

There are many good memories for Melissa Gilbert from her time on the show. She was working with a TV legend in Michael Landon, after all. Also, Karen Grassle and Melissa Sue Anderson were part of the Ingalls family for most of the Little House on the Prairie run.

But among the many worse memories, Gilbert pulled this sparkling diamond out, metaphorically speaking, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

This one involves root beer floats and chewing tobacco.

The crew was shooting in Tucson, Arizona, at Old Tucson. Old Tucson was an amusement park and an old Western town. Gilbert was 14 at the time.

A break in filming leads kids to go get root beer floats. Gilbert then says the set had cowboys, stuntmen, and wranglers who chewed tobacco. They could not spit on the ground so they used red cups. Same cups as for the floats.

Gilbert sat her cup down on a counter to rehearse a scene. She comes back and picks up the red cup. Whoops, wrong red cup. She picked it up and took a big sip. A stuntman’s spit cup. Well, she starts having tears run down her face while screaming and running to her dressing room.

In conclusion, Gilbert said she couldn’t drink root beer floats for 40 years. Totally understandable, Outsiders.

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