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‘Little House on the Prairie’s Melissa Gilbert on COVID Recovery: ‘It’s Gonna Take Some Time’

“Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert might be down for the count with COVID-19, however, in a humorous Instagram post, the actress revealed she’s on the mend but that recovery is “gonna take some time.” See her latest update below.

“A quick COVID update for you,” the classic TV star shared with fans. “I am feeling better today, [but] my throat is still on fire but everything else feels better.”

So far, the “Little House” star is on her fifth day with COVID-19 symptoms, as per her post, though it’s only been four days battling symptoms.

Fortunately, the actress revealed several days have passed since she’s had a fever, which is always a relief. Following her humorous update, fans took to the comments to share their well-wishes.

“Glad your feeling better Melissa,” one fan wrote. “Continued prayers!”

Another Melissa Gilbert fan said, “Praying for you and your husband! Feel better soon.

Gilbert continued with her update, saying, overall, “I feel good. I really feel like I’m, you know, turning a corner. It’s gonna take some time.”

In concluding her video, she hilariously commented, “My lips feel funny though. Wonder what that is.”

One other fan commented on her good spirits amid battling COVID.

“Glad you are feeling better, and sorry for laughing while you are sick, but you are hilarious,” they wrote. “[J]ust when I thought I couldn’t possibly love you more!”

Melissa Gilbert’s Last COVID Update Revealed She Was ‘Tired, Tired, Tired’

Before sharing her hilarious COVID-19 update on Instagram on Saturday, Melissa Gilbert said her bout with the illness has made her “tired, tired, tired.” Overall, that makes sense, because as of the weekend, she said she is still having problems sleeping.

In her last post, she said, “the fever seems to be gone, but nose is still stuffy, not sleeping well tired, tired, tired and I woke up this morning with THE WORST sore throat.”

Nevertheless, the “Little House on the Prairie” icon has managed to maintain positive spirits throughout. While her Saturday morning COVID-19 update featured a funny filter that far exaggerated her lips, her Friday morning update featured the star with an entirely different filter.

Her lips might feel funny today, but yesterday, she asked her followers, “does my head look smaller to you?”

The last filter the actress and writer used severely shrunk her head which, once again, had fans cracking up.

“Hope you feel better soon!” one “Little House” fan wrote. “Maybe it’s the big glasses making your head look smaller?” they jokingly suggested.

More seriously, another fan said, “So glad you’re keeping us up to date, as some of us have nobody to compare symptoms with (I’m alone).”

Hopefully, by the time Melissa Gilbert shares her next update, she’ll have mostly kicked her bout with COVID.

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