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‘Little House on the Prairie’s Melissa Gilbert Says COVID-19 Still Has Her Feeling ‘Squingey’

Five days into her battle with COVID-19, Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert is sharing a positive update with her social media fans.

As the classic TV star said in a very “animated” video, she’s feeling “a ton better” today.

Gilbert’s doctors gave her a round of Paxlovid—which is an investigational drug used to treat mild-to-moderate cases of the virus—the first day she tested positive. And the medicine made a big difference in her symptoms.

Aside from having a “squingey” voice, her main complaint is feeling “tired. Like all the time tired.”

“My body feels like it’s fighting a battle. And, I guess it is,” she added. “So, there ya go.”

Melissa Gilbert Announced Her Battle With COVID-19 on June 1st

Melissa Gilbert first tested positive on June 1st. And she shared that at the beginning, she felt “oogie” but not terrible. However, the actress continued to give daily updates. And she noted that her symptoms quickly became worse.

By day two, she wrote that she spiked a fever of 102. And she was suffering from “aches, chills, wicked sore throat, stuffy nose and tightness” in her chest.

Gilbert also said that she had “zero appetite” but was still “forcing” herself to eat. And she was spending her days sleeping on and off and “drinking tons of fluids,” most of which were water, miso soup, and ginger ale.

Day four brought on the severe exhaustion, according to another Instagram post. But luckily, the Paxlovid had kicked in that day. So she no longer had a fever and her chest tightness was gone. However, Melissa Gilbert was still complaining of a stuffy nose that was keeping her up at night.

And she also said that she had a new symptom, which was “THE WORST sore throat!”

“Still just weak and tired,” she admitted.

The Actress’ Main Complaints Have been Extreme Exhaustion and a Sore Throat

By yesterday, the actress was still having trouble with COVID. But she had resigned to the fact that healing was “going to take some time.”

“A quick COVID update for you,” she said in a hilarious video. “I am feeling better today. My throat is still on fire, but everything else feels better. I haven’t had a fever for a couple of days now. Still can’t sleep very well. But I feel good. I really feel like I’m turning a corner.”

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