Married With Children Season 1 – Episode 1 Guide

So the main actors in the series of the “Married With Children” show in the first season in 1987 are Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate, and David Faustino. But there are also Amanda Bearse and David Garrison.
So you can see that at the beginning of the series we meet actors. So in this way we can see who will be all in the sitcom.

And story begins, in this episode we can see how the Bundys make friends with their new neighbors Steve and Marcy. Although Al Bundy is not happy about that, so in the further course we can see a discussion between Al and Peggy about their neighbors.

Married With Children - Episode 1

Because Al came from work and he would love to go to the Chicago Bulls game later. He also has free tickets for the game, but unfortunately his wife Peggy has other plans for him. Peggy wants Al to stay home with her to meet their new neighbors Marcy and Steve. Later when the new neighbors came to their house Al and Steve decide to watch an erotic show on tv. Which made their wifes angry. During that time thier wifes wonder if they are still attractive to their husbands. Also throughout the episode 1 we can see several funny conversations between Al and Peggy, but also between their neighbors Steve anb Marcy.

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