‘Married with Children’ Sequel Series In Development – Will Al Return?

Love and marriage... will be returning to television, if everyone has their way, as a 'Married.. with Children' sequel series is now in development. Will you watch?

Now that Boy Meets World has found new life through a modern day spin-off (and Full House is looking to follow its lead), the one and only first family of Fox are looking to bring back their beloved tales of material woes with a Married… with Children spin-off series centered on the smartest Bundy of them all, Bud (David Faustino), AKA Grandmaster B.

According to E! Online, Sony TV is currently taking pitch meetings for the still untitled Bud Bundy series, with hopes of it eventually being picked up by a network and brought to air. While speaking with Christina Applegate during Kate Sagal’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony this week, the eldest Bundy went in to a bit more detail about what fans can expect from the return of Fox’s first family of television:

We’re going to do something with Dave, maybe. I don’t know if it will be in character. But I don’t really know. I don’t know what that’s going to be. I don’t know if I’m allowed to speak on that at all. So, I should probably stop talking about it right now!

Of course, when one talks about Married… with Children returning, the question must be asked: What about Al (Ed O’Neill)? For all intents and purposes, Ed O’Neill is completely happy with his role in Modern Family – a series which received the highest focus group rating in Fox Television history – which would make his appearance a bit difficult, if not contractually impossible. Fortunately, if there’s one thing early television sitcoms created amongst its cast, it’s a sense of family, which may very well be the key to Al Bundy’s return.

Early-on in Modern Family’s life, the entire cast of Married… with Children appeared in a web series Faustino created with Parker Lewis Can’t Lose star Corin Nemec, Star-ving, in which a heightened-version of Faustino is forced to earn money by doing odd jobs for celebrity friends. Though the series, produced in association Sony TV, only ran for 6 episodes, it showed that, much like the cast of Boy Meets World or Full House, the cast of Married… with Children has stayed in touch and, more importantly, are extremely supportive of each other’s endeavors – which makes it that much more possible for Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate to make brief appearances, as well.

That being said, Married… with Children was much more than its cast, and its creators Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt did much to help shape the tone of the series early-on, from the very first scene. Unfortunately, Leavitt passed away in 2008, and Moye has since retired from the business completely.

Even so, Married… with Children was a staple on American television when there wasn’t much alternative programming available. So, while Moye and Leavitt may no longer be involved, they essentially helped influence an entire generation of writers and performers by showing the world what is (or was) possible for comedy on network television. And if there’s something television writers are good at, it’s replicating the styles and sensibilities of those who inspired them early-on in their career, which Married… with Children certain did, for many.

Yes, this Married… with Children spinoff may just be another returning franchise that fans can make note of, as if we’re simply playing Bingo with TV shows from the 90s; however, Married… with Children was very much ahead of its time, and there’s no real reason why an idea such as this couldn’t work on television now. This only question is: Who is going to break it to Sony TV that no broadcast network could/would air Married… with Children now, if they had the chance?

Check back to Screen Rant for more news on the Married… with Children sequel as it’s announced.

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