Married With Children – The Dodge Wasn’t A Dodge

In TV show Married With Children we can see many times how Al Bundy have problems with his car. He is struggling almost every day, and he is not happy about that. While his wife Peggy watch Oprah on TV, he is probably pushing a car to home at that time. There are many reasons for car problems but most common is when the Dodge stays without fuel. Nothing odd because Al Bundy has no money for fuel. Also there is nothing strange about it because his wife spent all the money.

In general the writers of the show decided that Al’s car is an old Dodge. But what is most interesting this Dodge was actually 1972 Plymouth Duster. Until today we still don’t know why writers decided to refer to it as a Dodge, not as  Plymouth Duster. Do you know maybe why? For us it is a complete mystery.

Married With Children - dodge

However with certainty we can say that Al Bundy was unhappy with this old Dodge. He always had problems with this car, and often he had to push it home. Which is really sad while their neighbours, Marcy drives a new Mercedes. Otherwise which moment with Dodge was the funniest moment in Married With Children for you?

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