‘M*A*S*H’: Before Shock Comic Fame, Andrew Dice Clay Guest Starred on Show

Way before “The Diceman Cometh” in stand-up comedy circles, Andrew Dice Clay was a guest star on an episode of CBS’s famed show, MAS*H.

Let’s look up IMDb and see when he appeared.

Clay appeared in the Season 11 episode, Trick or Treatment. The synopsis indicates that “the 4077th’s Halloween celebrations are interrupted by the arrival of wounded, including one supposedly dead soldier who is actually comatose and clinging to life.”

He played Corporal Hrabosky in the show that aired on Nov. 1, 1982. And he’s listed as Andrew Clay in the credits.

So, some Outsiders might not know when Clay’s “The Diceman” persona hit it big. Well, it was back in 1988 when Clay’s appearance at a Big Brother Association dinner set the tone.

M*A*S*H’ Episode Would Air Just Years Before Clay Hit It Big With Career

In 1990, Clay became the first comedian to ever sell out Madison Square Garden for two straight nights. He was in the crosshairs of a lot of people who did not find his sexist, homophobic jokes funny.

Last August, he was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a condition that affects a person’s ability to control facial muscles on the affected facial side.

But this did not slow down Clay at all. Just weeks after receiving the diagnosis, he was doing stand-up comedy and talking about it his act. These days, he’s focusing more on being a father and family man instead of his old routine.

M*A*S*H would leave the CBS primetime lineup one year later in 1983.

Cast Member Mike Farrell Talks About Why He Joined Marine Corps

One of the stars of MAS*H actually spent time in the Marine Corps.

Mike Farrell played B.J. Hunnicutt in the show, coming along after Wayne Rogers had left.

Before becoming an actor, Farrell was actually passionate about the Marines Corps. In an interview back in May, Farrell told We Are the Mighty that he became a Marine for two reasons. According to the outlet, he was “smitten” with the Marines since being was a little boy. Farrell even remembers being alive as a boy at the end of World War II.

“I was alive during World War II, but it was a distant reality for me,” he recalled. “I remember coming home, getting out of my dad’s car in 1945 when we heard on the radio the war was over.”

Farrell did recall one specific memory that made him laugh.

“My mother having plastic coupon coins to go shopping during the war,” he said. “We were told we couldn’t get bubble gum because rubber needed to be saved for the war effort.”

Farrell’s friend Pat was gung-ho for the Marine Corps, too. Both of them joined together.

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