‘M*A*S*H’: Spinoff AfterMASH Was Viewed as One of Worst TV Series Ever

Although M*A*S*H continues to be a phenomenal hit, its spin-off series AfterMASH didn’t do so well.

The continuation of the beloved TV show attempted to make a comeback after the original M*A*S*H went off the air. It ran on CBS from September of 1983 to May 1985.

“AfterMASH” Shouldn’t Have Come After “M*A*S*H”

AfterMASH plummeted in ratings. The spin-off just wasn’t good enough to keep the attention of viewers.

Three of the original M*A*S*H characters returned on set for the new series AfterMash. These include  Colonel Sherman T. Potter, Maxwell Klinger, and Father John Mulcahy. These were important members of the original show.

However, could M*A*S*H really be the same without Alan Alda, the actor who played the beloved and hilarious surgeon “Hawkeye”? Since some of the major characters didn’t join the new spin-off series, the humorous, yet thoughtful feelings the beloved M*A*S*H series gave to viewers just wasn’t the same when it came to AfterMASH.

Although there were only three of the original characters were named in the series. However, Hawkeye is so important to the show that he was referenced in the one-hour opening episode.

TV Spin-Off Is Considered One Of The Worst Shows

This fact is quite evident when it comes to the viewers’ ratings.

“AfterMASH” follows the characters of the 4077 unit as they are ordered to return to America after the end of the Korean War. The series follows the characters who have returned home safely.

The show was so bad that it’s actually listed as No. 7 on TV Guide‘s list of the 50 worst TV spinoffs.

Another kick in the teeth for ole’ AfterMASH is being viewed as a terrible show by the one-and-only TIME magazine. Unfortunately for the writers, directors, producers, and actors who were part of the M*A*S*H spin-off series must’ve felt a little down when it comes to being listed as one of the worst TV programs in TIME‘s line-up of the 100 worst ideas of the 20th century. Not shows. Ideas. Joining AfterMASH on that list are things such as the prohibition, hydrogen-filled blimps, and “Michael Jackson’s Marriage to Lisa Marie Presley.”

A few other extras from the original show were featured on the show. One of the main stars of M*A*S*H made a few appearances on AfterMASH. This is Gary Burghoff, who is best known as the loveable Radar. He is the only other main character from the original series to appear on AfterMASH.

Looking Back At Special “M*A*S*H” Memories

Burghoff is in the first season two-part episode. Potter, Klinger, and Mulcahy are ready to go to Iowa for Radar’s special wedding. Of course, the nervous but big-hearted Radar appears at Potter’s Missouri house in an absolute panic. Radar thinks his fiance is cheating on him in the episode “It Had to Be You.”

During the final episode of AfterMASH, a small number of unanswered questions are brought to light. Klinger’s newborn child is given a name, Staff Sergeant Potter looks back at his time spent with all of the individuals he was with while in Korea. Potter looks at his portrait with Klinger, as well as turning to the photo that captures all of the staff members of the 4077 unit. He is filled with love and releases a small smile.

Unfortunately, AfterMASH met its end on May 31, 1985.

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