‘M*A*S*H’ Star Alan Alda Once Forgot His Lines: Here’s What Happened

It would seem impossible that M*A*S*H star Alan Alda would ever forget his lines. But we guess it happens to the best of them, too.

Alda, who played Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce on the classic CBS show, had one of those moments. Let’s see how that played out and what happened with some help from Looper.

Things that frequently did happen include the 4077th doctors performing medical exams. Hawkeye was doing this with one soldier. He tells him that this will be painless, but there’s a catch.

‘M*A*S*H’ Star Runs Into Issue By Forgetting Line But Making Joke Instead

See, the M*A*S*H legend forgot his line. He, instead, says that “the only pain you’re gonna feel is when you find out that I don’t know the rest of this line.”

Well, cast members and crew on the set started laughing. The director obviously said cut and the shot was filmed again. You know, he had so many lines to remember that it’s a wonder that it didn’t happen more often.

All these years later, M*A*S*H just remains an endearing hit show. Its jokes still make viewers laugh out loud. For the actors, sometimes those jokes crack them up, too.

‘Hawkeye’ Pierce Definitely Had Some Piques, Twists During Show’s Run

Alda’s character definitely had some piques and twists throughout the show’s long run. Early on, there was a lot of humor and side-cracks that Hawkeye made over and over again. Whether to Frank Burns or Henry Blake, Hawkeye was front and center with the humor.

That would change later, though. M*A*S*H focused on the serious side of the Korean War, ranging from soldiers’ personal issues to those of the Koreans. One thing is for sure: Alda has his fingerprints on the shows with 251 episodes in the hopper. In fact, he wrote and directed some of them as well.

This show was a definite place where Alda added his touch over and over again. As we mentioned, it was a comedy series when it started out. Giggles are going to happen, too. Go check out all the M*A*S*H blooper reels you can find.

It will be worth watching. Besides Alda, there are a number of candidates for breaking up when the script calls for them to be serious. We might toss in Harry Morgan, Mike Farrell, or even Loretta Swit into the laugh mix. Of course, McLean Stevenson, who played Blake, came from a comedy background and probably snickered a couple of times himself. When you catch those blooper reels, then the stars will show their funny sides.

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