‘M*A*S*H’ Star Mike Farrell Described His Father Like ‘John Wayne’

M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell once described his father as “John Wayne.” Farrell played Captain B.J. Hunnicutt on the hit series. His work on that show made him a star, but his father was just as interesting. Farrell was born in Minnesota, but his family moved to Los Angeles while he was still young.

According to We are The Mighty, the M*A*S*H actor said his father was like “John Wayne.” He was a tough and hard-working man who did his best to provide for the family. Unfortunately, he also suffered from substance abuse and was pretty rough around the edges. This made Farrell a pretty “frightened child.”

According to Farrell, he was a “big, handsome, popular, smart, and I now know he was frustrated because he didn’t have an education, but he was a really smart man.”

But his complex background only worsened by the depression meant the family that Farrell grew up in was sometimes quite difficult.

“There was not a lot of touching or embracing in our family,” he said.

Farrell is also one of the multiple people on the M*A*S*H cast that actually served. He starred on M*A*S*H after that and managed to win over audiences even though he didn’t join the show in its first couple of years. B.J Hunnicut made a great, more reserved character to Hawkeye’s craziness. And Mike Farrell fit in well with the cast.

Mike Farrell and Alan Alda Were Big Proponents of Communication on the Set of ‘M*A*S*H’

Mike Farrell and Alan Alda encouraged communication amongst the M*A*S*H cast. That allowed the group to grow closer and create essential bonds. They would sit around and talk with each other and discuss their scenes.

Both actors have noted that this communication they encouraged wasn’t just for fun. Too many sets are strife with behind-the-scenes drama when all that drama should be in front of the camera. Promoting an environment where everyone was friendly allowed the chemistry behind the camera to work as well as it did.

“Most of the time, actors disperse and go to their dressing rooms between shots,” Hawkeye actor Alan Alda said in his podcast, Clear + Vivid “We sat around in a circle of chairs making fun of one another, having fun. Laughing. I’ve taken that with me whenever I do a play. For me, it’s the best preparation for performing on stage because you’re already relating to each other, listening and responding.”

M*A*S*H is undeniably a classic, and the bond that the cast forged makes a ton of sense when you see how well they worked together in front of the camera.

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