Meet ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Wife Nic: Photos

Meet Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan‘s partner in crime: Nicole ‘Nic’ Sheridan, a real-life cowgirl, model, and actress.

If you keep up with Yellowstone behind the scenes, then you’ve no doubt seen a photo of Taylor Sheridan beside the striking presence of Nic Sheridan. Born Nicole Muirbrook, she married Sheridan in 2013, and the two are very publicly head-over-heels for one another.

As for their family life, Taylor and Nicole have one child together, their son: Gus. By the looks of it, he’s becoming every bit the Outsider his parents are:

Morning from Possum Kingdom! #thatsmyboy
Nic Sheridan

The Sheridans aren’t faking it for Yellowstone, either. Like her husband, Nic takes great pride in her equine prowess. She’s a real-life cowgirl and competes in cutting horse events, rodeos, and more. In fact, Nic took home her first trophy buckle this past year; an event she called “the best night of my life.”

“Man, it’s just an incredible experience,” Sheridan said after the event. “I’m so happy and proud to be part of this event so dear to my heart and many others. What a night. Just, it’s like, I can’t even—this is like the best night of my life, by the way… I still can’t believe it, this is my first buckle I ever won! I am like on cloud nine right now.”

Down and dirty with my Sweets!
Nic Sheridan

Ranching is the Sheridan Way of Life

Through their ranching life and homestead, Bosque Ranch, the couple holds many clothing and brand partnerships, as well. One of their biggest is with American Hat Company.

Excited about Bosque Ranch’s new partnership with American Hat Company! Thanks for keeping the sun off our faces in style!
Nic Sheridan

In short: it’s no facade, these two are as Yellowstone as they come.

Before ‘Yellowstone’: Nic Sheridan’s Early Career

Before marrying Taylor Sheridan, Nicole had already made a name for herself as a highly successful model. As Nicole Muirbrook, she would make the covers of VanidadesVogue GirlBlush and Bella.

In addition to modeling, she’s also held a successful acting career. Sitcom fans may remember her as one of the primary “fake-out” love interests for Ted on How I Met Your Mother. She also featured in The Human Contract as Thalia. She’s done plenty of commercials, too, with a prominent example coming from Lynx Bullet.

Nic Sheridan continues all of the above to this day. But she’s also heavily involved with the “Yellowstone family” alongside her husband. She’s become close friends with several members of the cast, including Kelly Reilly and Jen Landon.

Throwback to season 1 premiere of @yellowstone. So many beautiful memories since the beginning. Cheers to our incredible Y family and fans. Hope y’all enjoy season 4

Nic Sheridan

And as one fan comments on Instagram: “Talk about couple goals.”

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