MeTV celebrates the M*A*S*H 50th Anniversary with The Best by Farr

On September 17, 1972, a brand-new TV series hit the airwaves at CBS. Based on the multi-Academy Award nominated 1970 movie, which was itself based on a 1968 novel, people weren’t sure what to expect from M*A*S*H. After all, movies being adapted to TV shows don’t always keep the spirit when they move on to the small screen.


What followed was a cultural phenominon that made careers, still holds the record for most-watched finale of any TV series and continues to be rewatched and loved half a century later.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of M*A*S*H, MeTV will be showing episodes hand-picked by Maxwell Klinger himself, Jamie Farr! Jamie’s favorite episodes will be shown all week as The Best by Farr. Then the celebration continues during the Sunday Block Party showcasing more of the best episodes of M*A*S*H starting Sunday at 12P | 11CLook for special M*A*S*H trivia on MeTV all week long!

The party starts Monday, September 12 at 7P | 6C.

The Best by Farr — Jamie Farr’s favorite episodes

Monday, Sept. 1

7P | 6C – “Chief Surgeon Who?”
7:30P | 6:30C – “The Trial of Henry Blake”

Tuesday, Sept. 13

7P | 6C – “Crisis”
7:30P | 6:30C – “Springtime”

Wednesday, Sept. 14

7P | 6C – “Big Mac”
7:30P | 6:30C – “Abyssinia, Henry”

Thursday, Sept. 15

7P | 6C – “The Interview”
7:30P | 6:30C – “Movie Tonight”

Friday, Sept. 16

7P | 6C – “What’s Up, Doc?”
7:30P | 6:30C – “Point of View”

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