Mind Your Language – 1977

Sadly too many people would find it offensive in today’s politically correct world.  However as with many comedies of this kind it’s very cleverly balanced.  Whatever you think of the idea you can’t deny it’s comedy gold.

An all time comedy classic and possibly one of the best produced by London Weekend Television, Mind Your Language ran for three series (four in some ITV regions) totalling 42 episodes.

After running for three series the show was cancelled by Michael Grade, the then Deputy Controller of Entertainment, who considered the stereotyping of the students to be offensive.  There had been debate at the time that many people found it offensive.  It was subsequently sold all over the world.

Mind your Language was resurrected by an independent production company in 1986 with some of the original cast.  Not all ITV regions showed the 1986 version, only Granada transmitted all 13 episodes as a complete series.


Set in a London College Of Further Education the series focused on the activities of the Evening Classes, in particular – English as a Foreign Language, as taught by Mr Jeremy Brown whose class was a motley crew of foreigners, most of who could barely speak English.

The comedy comes from the students inability to grasp the basic command of English.  This leads to misunderstanding of words and  terms causing all manner of disagreements and cultural differences.



Barry Evans
Albert Moses
George Camiller
Kervok Malikyan
Zara Nutley
Robert Lee
Dino Shafeek
Pik- Sen Lim
Tommy Godfrey
Iris Sadler
Francoise Pascal
Ricardo Montez
Jacki Harding
Jamila Massey
Anna Bergman
Gabor Vernon
Jenny Lee-Wright
Marie-Elise Grepne
Raj Patel
Vincent Wong
Sue Bond
Harry Littlewood

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