Monica Bellucci graced the cover of a fashion magazine

In an interview with The Sunday Times Style, the actress mentioned her ex-spouse and also discussed aging and the #MeeToo movement.

Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci starred for the British weekly The Sunday Times Style. Frames of a spectacular photo shoot with the star appeared on Instagram.

The 57-year-old celebrity appeared on the cover of the glossy in a black Petar Petrov bodycon dress and Cartier jewelry. She also posed for the camera in a seductive knitted midi dress with a neckline and a black coat.

Photo: instagram.com/monicabellucciofficiel

Monica Bellucci on the cover of The Sunday Times Style

V interview To the publication, Monica mentioned her ex-husband Vincent Cassel, and also discussed the movement for women’s equality and aging.

“We parted for a long time, but we both became parents, and parenting is for life. Therefore, it is good when there is a relationship for the sake of children, if possible, as we have,” said Bellucci.

She prefers not to talk about her personal life and when asked by a journalist about her current relationships with other men, she answered quite sharply: “I can’t believe you’re asking, but it seems to me that due to my age I already have the right not to answer such questions. “

Photo: instagram.com/monicabellucciofficiel

Monica Bellucci in a photo shoot for The Sunday Times Style

The actress perceives the arrival of old age as a tribute and believes that there is no need to run away from it. She also pointed out that she never exhausted herself with diets and “has always been a woman with forms”.

“Life consists of different moments, stages. When you are young, you have this natural beauty of youth, the charm of this biological moment. at the same time we are happy, because if we grow old, it means that we had a long life. When the body surrenders, the soul rises, “the star emphasized.

Bellucci generally supports the philosophy of the Hollywood movement #MeeToo, but she is sure that each project should have its own boundaries.

“I do not believe in the existence of a war between a man and a woman. I believe that it is necessary to find common ground for the common good. I do not want to teach my daughters hatred. I want to be able to agree on everything and be able to discuss everything together,” she admitted celebrity.

Photo: instagram.com/theststyle

Monica Bellucci in a photo shoot for The Sunday Times Style

We will remind, Bellucci and Cassel announced a divorce in 2013. The couple are raising two daughters – 17-year-old Virgo and 11-year-old Leonie.

Vincent is now married to model Tina Kunakey, who is 30 years younger than him, and nothing is known about Monica’s personal life.

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