Monica Bellucci Plastic Surgery: Lips, Boobs, Before & After

As an actress Monica emphasized that natural face is vital as she needs to express the faces of different roles in different ways. For that particular reason Bellucci advised actors, or actresses, to withstand plastic surgery as much as possible. Creases are much better than having a stiff, “plastic” face. That was Monica Bellucci’s claim in the past. That simply gave no room for rumor about Monica Bellucci plastic surgery to surface.

Monica Bellucci Plastic Surgery Before After
Monica Bellucci Plastic Surgery, Before and After Photos

The Italian actress admitted to having natural remedies in mission to maintain her beauty. She mainly relied on vitamins and didn’t like the idea of someone touching her face, calling plastic surgery is quite dangerous for actress.

But as time flies, so does her view toward cosmetic surgery. 56-year-old who has modeled for big brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Elle, Vanity Fair and Dior clearly changed her side. She made it obvious that plastic surgery “is there”.

You have to do what is good for you. Plastic surgery is there. If it makes you happy, why not do it?”

However, her words didn’t explicitly say that she has had any work done. Well, if we can’t rely on her words we can tell something unusual is happening on her. There are several unnatural differences on her face in the “Before and After” images.


We just can’t overlook changes on her lips. We know that she has been with sexy thick lips since she was younger, but she has puffier ones today. And they simply look unnatural. She is showing the result of what lips injections patients commonly have.

Not only lips, Bellucci’s facial skin is also under suspicion. Her facial expression appears so unnatural due to super tight forehead and unusual appearance near eyes. If mini forehead lift (or brow lift) is not the correct answer, Botox injection should sound reasonable.

Monica Bellucci Boobs Job
Monica Bellucci as Persephone In “The Matrix”

On many occasions, we can also see how her cheeks are becoming fuller than they were before. Did she have some cheeks augmentation, so over 3 million followers on her Instagram account can’t see sagging cheeks of her? Or, is it just merely to make us never mistaken her for Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley?


This is another rumor that keeps following her. There is no strong evidence but noticeable increase in her breasts size. We might remember how her bust stole our attention when she portrayed Persephone in The Matrix film, and looking back at “Before-After” photo would give another story about her boobs.

Monica Bellucci Boobs Job Pictures
Monica Bellucci Boobs Transformations, Before and After

There is contradiction on the chest area that make some people believe Monica Bellucci boob job is a real thing. Although there is chance that push up bras are playing some role, many just can’t think of other than breasts implants.

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci might have had hard time with marriages, but that doesn’t mean cosmetic surgery is her escape. Or is it?

Monica Bellucci now Photo
Monica Bellucci Now, At Her 50s

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