‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Chris O’Donnell Reflects on Show Reaching ‘Gunsmoke’ Level Numbers

NCIS: Los Angeles star Chris O’Donnell is a core player in the hit CBS television procedural drama series. Portraying the mysterious G. Callen, Chris O’Donnell has long been a regular fan favorite in the hit series. And, he is super proud of the major numbers as the series progresses. Numbers that have grown high enough to compete with one of the most successful shows in classic television history, Gunsmoke.

“We’re so blessed,” Chris O’Donnell tells Stephen Colbert in a recent interview.

“Three hundred episodes is a lot,” the NCIS: Los Angeles actor adds in the interview you can catch here.

“We have an amazing cast and crew we work with every day,” O’Donnell continues.

“Those are Gunsmoke numbers,” Stephen Colbert chimes in during the interview. To which the NCIS: Los Angeles star notes that the series is reaching a spot within the top 20 longest-running television shows.

A Case Of Art Imitating Real Life For NCIS: Los Angeles Stars Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J

Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles know well that O’Donnell’s character G Callen and LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna have a tight bond on the series. This endearing – and sometimes hilarious – bromance is no doubt one of the biggest draws many fans have to the popular procedural drama. And, according to O’Donnell, the two actors share a very similar connection off-screen, as well. In fact, the NCIS: Los Angeles star says, the real-life bond he and LL Cool J share is almost a sibling-like relationship.

“You know, the same way you would pick on your sibling and drive each other crazy,” Chris O’Donnell explains.

“I mean, it’s similar to the relationship Todd and I, LL and I, have in real life,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star continues.

“I mean, he’s someone I have great respect for,” the actor adds. “And there’s a mutual admiration.”

But, O’Donnell notes, this mutual respect doesn’t stop them from jumping at any chance they can to drive each other “crazy.” Much in the way that siblings would.

“But we also love to, you know, just torture each other,” O’Donnell quips.

“And constantly, uh you know, drive each other crazy,” he says; noting that downtime on the set usually means the group will be getting into some sort of shenanigans.

“When you spend that much time together on set, you know you tend to get bored once in a while,” the actor says.

“And all that’s left is to just pick on each other,” O’Donnell continues. “It’s only so long you can sit and stare at you know TikTok and Instagram on your phone.”

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