New Details Emerge About Elizabeth Taylor’s Love Life

She Dated Who?

There is no doubt that the, great Elizabeth Taylor had one of the most dysfunctional love lives in the history of Hollywood. With so many marriages, divorces, and everything in between, new details are still emerging about past loves, both old and new. She was at the center of some of the most talked-about affairs of the last century. However, more and more men are speaking out about their secret romances with the mesmerising actress.

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Puppy Love

Even before the young Elizabeth Taylor married for the first time, she was romantically linked to a number of famous figures of the time. After briefly dating football star Glenn Davis, Taylor was engaged for a short time to the son of U.S. ambassador William D. Pawley. However, it was movie businessman Howard Hughes who offered her parents a six-figure sum of money for her hand in marriage. Despite declining his offer, Taylor was still interested in marrying at a young age…

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Seven Husbands!

Marriage and divorce simply go hand in hand in the celebrity world, and Elizabeth Taylor is a prime example of a superstar who simply couldn’t settle down with one person. With eight marriages to her name with seven different men, the actress was rarely alone. However, it is the way she went from one husband to the next that is the most shocking part of this chapter in her life, and it all starts with Paris Hilton’s great uncle.

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Related To Paris?

It’s amazing to think that Elizabeth Taylor’s first marriage could’ve technically made her related to Paris Hilton. At 18 years of age, she tied the knot with the heir to Hilton Hotels, Conrad “Nicky” Hilton Jr. Despite having a huge wedding organized by MGM, Taylor admitted just weeks after the event that it was a huge mistake. She didn’t want to stay with her abusive new husband, and the couple divorced nine months later. Conrad Hilton is actually the great uncle of Paris Hilton.

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20 Years Her Senior

Just two years later, and still an up-and-coming figure in cinema, Elizabeth Taylor married her second husband, Michael Wilding. What raised a lot of eyebrows about this relationship though was the fact that there was a 20-year age gap between Taylor and the fellow actor. Despite having two kids, the actress found herself drifting away from Wilding. Her career was taking off, while his was falling apart. After five years of marriage, the couple ended up parting ways.

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Sinatra’s Baby?

If true, it is a truly stunning claim. In a book called His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra, author Kitty Kelley wrote that the late singer had a fling with Taylor during the time that her marriage to Michael Wilding was coming to an end. However, there was more to it than that. “Elizabeth Taylor…toward the end of her unhappy marriage to Michael Wilding…found herself pregnant by Frank [Sinatra] and wanted to marry him,” Kelly wrote. “He arranged an abortion for her instead.”

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Third Time’s The Charm?

After learning from her mistakes from her first two marriages, Elizabeth Taylor felt like she had finally hit the jackpot after marrying her third husband, producer Mike Todd. Amazingly, it was with Todd that Taylor had her third and final child – a daughter who was also called Elizabeth. Unlike her previous marriages, Taylor and Todd were always in the public eye, having an 18,000-strong birthday party in Madison Square Garden in 1957. However, something happened soon after that completely changed the couple’s life.

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Tragic Loss

Elizabeth Taylor thought she had hit the jackpot when she tied the knot with Mike Todd. However, her love life, which had finally found some relative stability, was about to come crashing down on her. After just a year of marriage, on March 22, 1958, Todd tragically died in a plane crash while aboard his private jet, which was ironically called “The Liz.” Naturally, Taylor was heartbroken by the tremendous loss. However, it was the nature of Elizabeth’s bereavement that took this story to a whole new level…

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Affair With Eddie

A vulnerable widow, Elizabeth Taylor sought comfort from one of her closest friends, singer Eddie Fisher. However, this would soon evolve into an infamous affair, especially since Fisher was married at the time to actress Debbie Reynolds (mother of Carrie Fisher). As a result of their infidelity, the media branded Taylor a “homewrecker” and soon after, Taylor and Fisher tied the knot themselves. However, this was just scratching the surface as far as the couple’s ill-fated affair was concerned.

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Eddie & Todd Were Best Friends

What takes Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher’s infamous affair to another level of sadness is the fact that Eddie and the late Mike Todd were actually best friends prior to the latter’s death. Furthermore, Eddie’s son Todd Fisher was actually named after Taylor’s late husband. And despite the pain that the affair caused, Taylor and Debbie Reynolds eventually reconciled and, even more surprisingly, Reynolds forgave Eddie! However, Taylor did not feel guilty about the affair, and here’s why…

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No Regrets

In the heat of the infamous affair, gossip columnist Hedda Hopper had an interview with Elizabeth Taylor and famously called her out, telling her to address the rumors once and for all. According to Taylor, she had no reason to feel in the wrong. “Eddie is not in love with Debbie and never has been…You can’t break up a happy marriage. Debbie and Eddie’s never has been,” she said. “What do you expect me to do? Sleep alone?”

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Another Affair?

After Elizabeth Taylor justified her actions that had caused the breakup of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, she soon jumped ship once again. This time, it was with Hollywood superstar Richard Burton, who she starred with in the epic Cleopatra. The acting pair began their affair while filming the classic movie. Then, just nine days after she divorced Eddie Fisher, Taylor tied the knot with Burton. However, Taylor’s second affair was proving to be just another recipe for disaster…

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Liz & Dick

After starring together in a dozen movies, and living a hedonistic lifestyle full of material pleasures, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were, in many ways, one of the first big celebrity couples of the modern era. Referred to by the media as “Liz and Dick,” the couple essentially revolutionized the way that every detail, no matter how small, was magnified by the media. It seemed like the intense media coverage put a strain on their marriage, and the couple divorced in 1974. However, this certainly wasn’t the end…

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On & Off

They may have parted ways in June 1974, but it was just a matter of months before Taylor and Burton reconciled. They married for the second time on October 10, 1975. Amazingly though, they were unable to make their second marriage last either and the couple divorced less than a year later, for good. Despite this, Taylor admitted that nobody ever truly compared to Burton. “After Richard, the men in my life were just there to hold the coat, to open the door,” she said. “All the men after Richard were really just company.”

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Mr. Elizabeth Taylor

For her eighth marriage, Taylor decided to go for someone of a slightly lower profile in the form of construction worker Larry Fortensky. The couple tied the knot at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch on October 6, 1991. Unlike her previous relationships, Fortensky was a lesser known husband and it seems that the fame is what drove the couple apart. Fortensky didn’t like walking in his wife’s shadow and didn’t want to be known as “Mr. Elizabeth Taylor.” As a result, the couple finalized their divorce in October 1996.

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There Could Have Been More

It might be difficult to believe, but Elizabeth Taylor could easily have had more than seven husbands in her lifetime. Despite not being married for most of the ’80s, the actress could have easily added another two hubbies to what was already an incredibly long list. In 1983, she was engaged to successful Mexican lawyer Victor Luna. Then, just two years later, Liz saw herself engaged to New York businessman Dennis Stein. Nevertheless, seven husbands is pretty impressive.

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Ziggy & Lizzy

One of the wildest rumors involving Liz Taylor was with another pop icon who recently passed away – David Bowie. With the only concrete indication of romance appearing in this famous photo shoot, it was author Wendy Leigh who finally gave the definitive answer about whether Bowie and Taylor ever had something going on. In her biography about David Bowie, simply titled Bowie, Leigh described the stars’ relationship purely as “an amorous friendship.” However, the following relationship was definitely more than just a rumor…

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Friends ‘Til The End

George Hamilton is a fine example of a celebrity who only had great things to say about his former flame, Liz Taylor. While the couple dated all the way back in the ’80s, the actor remained close friends with the Cleopatra star all the way to the very end. “We were friends right up until she passed away,” Hamilton said. “I probably have more personal memories from her than anyone. A year with her could fill a lifetime.”

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Lizzy’s Boy Toy

One guy who came clean about whether or not he had been romantically linked to Liz Taylor was her General Hospital co-star Anthony Geary. The actor revealed all in an exclusive interview on The Wendy Williams Show. “She did an interview a few years ago for Talk magazine where she outed us as more than friends,” he said. “So I don’t mind telling you that I was sort of her boy toy for a couple of years.”

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The Rumors Are True?

Whenever an iconic celebrity passes away, it seems that a torrent of people emerge from the shadows and only then are they prepared to share the most unexpected secrets about that person. This is exactly what happened after Elizabeth Taylor passed away in 2011. Everyone from Colin Farrell to Frank Sinatra and from David Bowie to Ronald Reagan have been rumored to have dated the actress at some point. But which rumors are true? We are going to answer that question, once and for all.

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Bizarre Duo

Despite no confirmation that the pair were ever an item, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson’s relationship was, to put it lightly, unique. With so many clues pointing to a romance between the two, the public was consistently in a frenzy during the height of Taylor and MJ’s bizarre friendship. Not only was it rumored that Jacko received plastic surgery to look more like the actress, but he even preferred to spend time with her over his own family.

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Sole Survivor

Amazingly, the only ex-husband of Elizabeth Taylor who is still alive is Republican politician John Warner. Despite helping her husband work on his electoral campaign, Taylor soon became disillusioned with politics and got lonely and bored living in Washington, D.C. Her addiction to prescribed medicine and alcohol didn’t do the relationship any favors and in November 1982, the power couple parted ways. “I shall remember her as a woman whose heart and soul were as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes,” Warner said, a week after she died.

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Romance With Colin Farrell?

It was heavily speculated that Colin Farrell had been dating Elizabeth Taylor, who was over double his age at the time. “It was kind of like the last, it feels like in my head, not hers,” he said. “I’m projecting…But the last kind of romantic relationship I had.” Although Farrell didn’t go into detail about how the couple spent those two years together, it was very clear that something deep and profound had happened between the two…

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Most Meaningful Relationship

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Taylor had a profound impact on Colin Farrell’s life, even beyond her passing in 2011. Since then, the Irish actor has fully embraced Taylor’s many years of HIV/AIDS activism and he even hosted the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Art Auction & Benefit. “It’s an opportunity to, in some way, continue the work that she birthed in the ’80s…and to advocate the spread of her message,” Farrell said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

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Her Estate Is Back On The Market

In recent times, Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship with second husband Michael Wilding has caught the headlines once again. This time though, it is to do with the ex-couple’s former hilltop estate. It just went on the market for a staggering $15,900,000! The luxury home spans over 7,700 square feet, has six bedrooms, four fireplaces, a sauna, and even an art studio. Taylor had referred to the estate as “the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen” in her book Elizabeth Taylor: An Informal Memoir.

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