Pedro Pascal Wants An Old Mandalorian To Meet Poe Dameron

Pedro Pascal shares that he would love to have an older version of his titular character in The Mandalorian meet Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron.

Pedro Pascal shares that he wants an older version of The Mandalorian to meet Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron. Pascal’s Din Djarin first made his debut in 2019 and has since gone on to become one of Star Wars’ most beloved characters. The Mandalorian remains one of Disney+’s biggest successes thus far, which has earned it even more freedom and opportunity to expand its reach in the Star Wars universe. Meanwhile, Isaac first stepped into the galaxy as Poe in 2015’s Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens and concluded his time onscreen the same year as The Mandalorian’s debut.

Pascal and Isaac have been close friends for many years, and with their careers now in full swing, they’ve become one of the internet’s favorite pairs of friends. Most recently, the duo has been going back and forth in interviews about whether or not Isaac’s Marvel hero Moon Knight or Pascal’s Mandalorian would win in a fight as well as which one of them is truly the “daddiest.” The pair has only been able to star in one film together, Netflix’s 2019 action thriller Triple Frontier, which continues to be praised by fans of the close friends. Despite Pascal and Isaac now both being in the Star Wars galaxy, the different time periods between when The Mandalorian takes place and when the sequel Star Wars trilogy takes place has kept their characters from meeting.

Now, Pascal has shared that he still wants the two characters to meet one day. In an interview with jobonito on TikTok, the actor was asked about his “best friend” Isaac following a discussion of his impact in bringing more Latino representation to the Star Wars galaxy. When the possibility of Pascal’s Mando meeting Isaac’s Poe was brought up, the actor didn’t hesitate to agree. He said, despite Din’s older age, he would want to “survive” just to have a chance at meeting Poe. Read Pascal’s full quote below:

Yes, I would be very old. But I would survive just for that, to meet Poe Dameron.

With the universe of The Mandalorian constantly expanding, it’s not out of the question for Din to survive long enough to meet some version of Isaac’s Poe. Mando’s story could be setting up the era seen in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, which would make an eventual meeting between Din and Poe more than possible should Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni decide to keep the armored warrior around the galaxy for that long. As it’s recently been confirmed that The Mandalorian season 4 is in development and Pascal himself is optimistic about the chances of getting a Mandalorian film at some point, the odds look great that this dream meeting between Mando and Poe could one day happen.

For now, audiences still have The Mandalorian season 3 to look forward to. The next installment of the series is set to premiere in February 2023, with Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan Kryze set to return as well as a confirmed appearance of the first live-action Mandalore. Din will be returning to the Mandalorians’ famed homeworld in order to seek forgiveness for his transgressions of removing his helmet and breaking his creed, which led to his banishment from the Armorer’s tribe. This has already made the future of The Mandalorian look very bright, though an eventual interaction between Pascal’s Din and Isaac’s Poe would top things off for many eager Star Wars audiences.

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