Pokemon Fan Comes Up With Clever Idea for a New Kind of Poke Ball

A Pokemon fan comes up with an interesting idea for a new type of Poke Ball that could be added to the franchise.

When the Pokemon franchise first started, it kept the Pokemon catching mechanics relatively simple. Players would engage in battle with wild Pokemon, try to lower their HP without knocking them out, and then throw a Poke Ball to try to catch them. If a regular Poke Ball didn’t get the job done, then Pokemon trainers could try throwing a Great Ball or Ultra Ball instead to increase their chances. There was also the Master Ball, which automatically catches whatever Pokemon it’s thrown at, and the Safari Ball, which is a special kind of Poke Ball used exclusively in the Safari Zone.

After Pokemon Red and Blue, the franchise introduced more Poke Ball types. This included the Level Ball, Lure Ball, Moon Ball, Friend Ball, Heavy Ball, and various other kinds of Poke Balls that can make it easier to catch certain Pokemon. New Poke Balls have been regularly introduced as the years have gone by, with Pokemon Sword and Shield adding a number of different Poke Balls for players to use while trying to catch Pokemon.

The upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could very well add new Poke Ball types of their own, though no plans to that effect have actually been announced at the time of this writing. In the meantime, one Pokemon fan has taken it upon themselves to come up with their own kind of new Poke Ball design, sharing their creation on the official Pokemon subreddit and earning over 14,000 upvotes in the process.

Reddit user sdrey has shared a concept for what they call the Color Ball. This new type of Poke Ball would change color depending on the Pokemon it’s captured, with the color determined by color of the Pokemon as listed in the Pokedex. For example, if a Color Ball was used to catch Flareon, the ball would be red to match its color, or if it was used to catch Leafeon, it would be green. If a Pokemon dramatically changes color in the evolution process, like when a blue Dragonair evolves into an orange Dragonite, the color of the ball would change as well.

There’s even an explanation provided for what would happen if the Color Ball was used to catch a shiny Pokemon. As Pokemon fans will know, shiny Pokemon are special variants of existing Pokemon that have different color schemes than normal. According to sdrey, the Color Ball would still go with the color that the Pokemon is supposed to be as opposed to its shiny variant.

It’s an interesting idea, and it seems many Pokemon fans are receptive to it, if the feedback on the Reddit post is any indication. As it stands, no new Poke Ball types have actually been confirmed for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, but hopefully more information comes sooner rather than later.

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