Pokemon Fan Creates Egg and Pancake Ditto Plushies

The Pokemon known as Ditto is reimagined by one fan as a set of mini plushies with a unique breakfast theme featuring egg and pancake designs.

As many fans likely know, the Pokemon franchise is full of unique Pokemon designs. Throughout the video games in the series, players get to catch and train some impressive-looking Pokemon, such as Suicune and Xerneas, just to name a few. While many of these pocket monsters feature detailed designs, some have simpler appearances that are arguably just as iconic. One of these Pokemon with a more basic look is Ditto.

From a design perspective, Ditto is basically a pink or purple blob with a pair of tiny black eyes. While it is capable of transforming into other objects and creatures, this Pokemon has become recognizable to many fans, in large part, due to its simplistic base design. Recently, one gamer decided to make fan art based on this classic Gen 1 Pokemon.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as kellicko shared an image of a couple of unique plushies they had created. In particular, these crafted items stood out because they featured designs based on Ditto from the Pokemon series. In the image, the Reddit user showed two mini plushies of the classic Pokemon on a table. While the designs had the same recognizable blob-like appearance of the Pokemon seen in the games, the artist decided to give the crafts a breakfast theme: one plush resembled an egg, and the other looked like a pancake with maple syrup and butter on top.

In the time since kellicko posted this image of the Ditto mini plush crafts on Reddit, numerous members of the Pokemon community have weighed in. With more than 5,900 upvotes in only a couple of days, many loved the adorable look of the Pokemon. In particular, a number of gamers enjoyed the breakfast-themed designs featuring an egg and pancake. In addition, some fans offered their own food combos for the artist to try next. “Peanut butter ditto to go with the standard jelly ditto when?” Lambeaux asked on Reddit.

Impressively, kellicko has created even more artwork based on video games. For those wanting to see more, the artist has shared an image on Reddit of another batch of colorful Ditto designs they had created. In addition, they have previously made crafts based on the sprites of characters and objects from Stardew Valley.

While these handmade egg and pancake Ditto mini plushies designed by kellicko are certainly unique, they are far from the only creations made by the Pokemon community over the last couple of weeks. For example, other talented gamers have created their own fan art based on Ditto, such as a crochet version of the Pokemon that could morph into an Electrode. As time continues to pass, it will be interesting to see what other creations featuring Ditto are shared with the community.

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