Pokemon Fan Makes Incredible 3D Umbreon Card That Lights Up

A Pokemon TCG fan takes their creativity to the next level by producing an amazing 3D Umbreon card that lights up in the dark.

Fans of Pokemon TCG seem to have been taking their creativity up to a whole other level. Most creative minds inspired by the card game often make custom physical Pokemon TCG items and dioramas, while others stack them to create an interesting 3D perspective. However, one fan has added something extra to their piece to make it look even cooler. Recently, this Pokemon fan added LED lights to the custom Umbreon shadowbox card that they made to make it light up in the dark.

Making shadowbox versions of Pokemon TCG cards is something that fans seem to enjoy doing. Many within the community have made their own shadowbox creations before, with most focusing on legendaries or popular Pokemon such as the Kanto starters like Blastoise, Charizard, or Venusaur. However adding an extra element such as LED lights can be seen as an amazing feat. Pokemon TCG cards are small and have fine details, and adding technology such as lighting in such a small scale can make the process longer and more complicated.

On Reddit, user clouserpl shared a short video of their custom 3D shadowbox Umbreon card. The video showed off various sides of the card from different angles, but the highlight of the footage is likely the glowing moon at the back of the Dark type Pokemon Umbreon card. According to clouserpl’s Reddit profile, they are a 3D card maker, so something this amazing to look at is definitely up their creative alley.

Many Pokemon TCG fans were curious about the Redditor’s process in making the card. This includes how many Umbreon cards they ended up using, how long the whole process took, and, of course, if they took commissions. Clouserpl answered these questions generously. According to the artist, they used around 45 Umbreon cards instead of their average of around 25 cards, spent around 18 hours to complete the final product, and, yes, they take commissions for custom 3D Pokemon cards. The price for each custom card will likely vary, depending on how complicated or detailed the commissioned work will be for the Redditor.

The Redditor does not seem to limit themselves to the Pokemon TCG community, though most of their work does center around the popular pocket creatures. They have also created 3D cards for other fandoms such as Dragonball and even Yu-Gi-Oh! Hopefully, seeing their amazing work will encourage the Pokemon community to support the artist and commission them to make custom shadowbox cards of their favorite Pokemon in the franchise.

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