Pokemon Journeys: What’s In Store For Chloe?

Chloe and Eevee's adventures in Pokemon Journeys take an unexpected detour when they bump into Serena and Lisia.

Chloe (aka Koharu) from Pokemon Journeys is one of the most unusual characters in the series because, for most of her life, she has had no interest in Pokemon whatsoever. At a young age, she had a terrifying encounter with Gengar and a second mishap with a hoard of Venonat, which left the poor girl traumatized and unable to bond with any pocket monsters.

She ended up rejecting the whole Pokemon lifestyle and voluntarily enrolled at a “regular” school in her hometown, Vermilion City. Thankfully, the family pet, Yamper managed to eventually win her over, and, with Ash and Goh’s encouragement, Chloe captured her very first Pokemon, Eevee, and thus began her own Pokemon journey.

“Eevee and Sylveon! A Meeting and a Reunion!”

Chloe’s re-introduction into the Pokemon community has been gradual as she steadily starts joining Ash and Goh in their travels around the Regions. Chloe’s goal is to meet every evolution of Eevee, in order to show her Pokemon compantion all the options for her (hopefully) eventual transformation. Chloe’s plans for the future are undecided, yet she now seems much more open to pursuing a Pokemon-based career path. Pokemon Journeys episode 105 provides her with some new options after Chloe decides to travel to Lilycove City in order to meet a Sylveon up close, and is inadvertently roped into participating in a Pokemon Contest by the Coordinator celebrity, Lisia.

Chloe is put on the spot as her enrolment in the Contest is (involuntarily) done on live air, pressuring the youngster to participate without any previous experience. Undecided about her next step, Chloe takes a stroll and stumbles across a Sylveon with her trainer, none other than the fan-favorite, Serana. The popular Pokemon Performer offers words of encouragement and shares her own performance strategies with Chloe. The girls bond further over a shopping trip to pick out the perfect outfits before it’s off to the Contest Spectacular stage. As usual, friendship is a major theme in this Pokemon episode, with the girls (literally) taking the spotlight!

Overwhelmed by nerves, Chloe finds strength from Eevee’s adorable enthusiasm and makes a stellar first impression on stage at the Lilycove City Pokemon Contest. Chloe and Eevee summon inspiration from all of Eevee’s evolutions and release a magnificent Fairy Wind over the crowd, which Eevee then Tackles to create an extra burst of sparkles with spectacular results. Filled with pride from their performance, Chloe decides to add Pokemon Performer to her list of possibilities for the future.

What’s Next For Chloe?

There seem to be three possible routes for Chloe’s career to take, although anything could happen to change her course in the future. Firstly, the young girl appears to have a natural talent for healing Pokemon, often assisting injured critters along her travels such as in “Healing the Healer!” and “The Tale of You and Glimwood Tangle!” Although we have yet to see a Pokemon Nurse other than a Joy, there is a first time for everything; but with Chloe’s sass, Brock better not get any ideas!

The second option is the most obvious, however, the least likely – becoming a Pokemon Professor like her father. Most people assume that Chloe will follow in Professor Cerise’s footsteps, which annoys the young lady to no end, suggesting that she has little interest in the scientific aspect of Pokemon care. Now, however, she has the additional option of becoming a Pokemon Performer, and Eevee’s choice in evolution could impact this career path significantly. Eevee seems the most enthusiastic about joining in on Pokemon Contests and she appears to have a natural talent for charming the crowd.

Ash and Goh: Unsupportive Friends

Arguably the most disappointing thing about “Eevee and Sylveon! A Meeting and a Reunion!” was how badly the boys conducted themselves. Considering that Pokemon’s main theme is friendship, well Ash and Goh did a pretty crummy job! While on their way to the event, the pair were stopped by Wallace, and, naturally, Ash just has to battle him; Chloe having been completely forgotten.

Both Ash and Goh completely miss Chloe’s entire performance, unable (or unwilling) to provide support for their friend in her time of need. True, Goh tried very hard to get Ash to reconsider the battle and makes sure to watch Chloe’s performance on his Pokedex, but he also doesn’t leave Ash’s side. Goh could have quite easily gone off by himself to join his childhood friend at the Pokemon Contest Spectacular, however, it appears that thought never even crossed his mind.

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