Pokémon Legends: Arceus players keep posting the goofy antics of wild Pokémon

Wild Pokémon show off their personalities

Pokémon Legends: Arceus starts with a life-or-death test: You must survive an expedition and go and catch a wild Pokémon, like Bidoof. Arceus takes place in a world where Pokémon don’t commonly live with humans yet. By and large, the human characters in its world are scared of Pokémon and don’t even know what some look like. As the protagonist, it’s up to you to bridge that gap and build understanding by catching Pokémon. Arceus players have had the treat of discovering and documenting how different Pokémon’s personalities manifest out in the world.

Legends: Arceus is an open-world adventure where you explore different natural environments like snowy mountains, grassy plains, and so on, each of which is populated with Pokémon that you can catch and battle. In Arceus, Pokémon have different personalities, so depending on the kind, they might react differently to humans. Starly, for example, are skittish and will fly away when they see a trainer. Buizels are aggressive and will even attack the trainer.

As players see more of the world, many of them are documenting particularly silly or even stressful moments and posting them on social media. While some are horrifying to see, like clips of trainers making eye contact with the glowing red eyes of a giant alpha Pokémon, many of these clips highlight the silly behaviors from beloved Pokémon like Mr. Mime, who literally puts on miming shows for you in the wild.

Here, a shiny Ursaring just glitches out and spins in a circle — which almost makes the big bear even scarier.

Players have also joked about Pokémon making quick getaways. Here, a shy Teddiursa makes for a cliff after being spotted by a trainer.

Another way to catch Pokémon is by knocking them out of the trees. Usually little bug-types like Burmy fall out, but in this case, there was an entire Machop going for a climb in the tree.

Players also deal with Alpha Pokémon, which are even more giant and powerful versions of each Pokémon. Here, an Alpha Rapidash absolutely clobbers a Shinx and then sets its horrifying red eyes directly onto the trainer.

And if you thought Rapidash is bad, well, Snorlax is similarly terrifying. The creature is big enough in its normal form, which just makes Alpha Snorlax gigantic. Apparently, the big old monster can still move quickly as an arrow, as documented in this tweet.

Although Pokémon usually just hide in tall grasses in older games, Arceus shows them walking around, allowing the different personalities of each Pokémon to shine through in new ways. Now you can watch them react on the spot, and it’s opened up a world of possible interactions — leaving space for plenty of goofs.

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