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Repent at Leisure” is the sixth episode of the third season of Mind Your Language. It was first broadcast on the 1st of December 1979.


Anna arrives late and is very upset. Her visa is going to run out but Mr. Brown assumes that she is pregnant. The students plan to have her marry Mr. Brown so she can stay in England, but in the end her visa is renewed so there’s no need. Her friend Eva, however, is in a different situation…


(Ali is upset at something being written about him on the blackboard.)

Ali: Oh blimey! I can be reporting you to the Monastery of Education.

Mr. Brown: Ministry.

Ali: That also! I’m being surprised at you.

Mr. Brown: Me?

Ali: You’re writing naughty things like that.

Mr. Brown: I didn’t write it!

Ali: But you are standing with chalky in hand.

Mr. Brown: That is circumstantial.

Ali: Oh no. That is most definitely chalky!

Mr. Brown: Right, now we’ll rewind this, and you’ll all hear how terrible you sound. Heh…you’ve all got a long way to go.

Ranjeet: No please. The landlord man I am staying with is telling me I am speaking English much more better than what he is doing.

Mr. Brown: Is he a Londoner?

Ranjeet: No, he’s from Turkey.

(Anna is explaining her situation to her classmates.)

Anna: I have to go back to Vest Germany.

Giovanni: Well why’a you got to go back?

Anna: My wisa as au pair’s kerput. Finished! Two years is nearly up.

Anna: When I marry, it must be Mr. Right.

Max: Is he English?

Anna: Who?

Max: This Mr. Wright.

Anna: I haven’t met him yet.

Ali: Oh blimey. How can he be marrying someone he haven’t met yet?

Danielle: What Anna means: when she marries, she marries Mr. Right, not Mr. Wrong.

Jamila: But he is be sounding like a foreign person.

Anna: Who?

Jamila: Mr. Rong.

Mr. Brown: I smell something fishy.

Ali: Oh blimey. It must be the curried prawn I am having for lunch.


  • When Max speaks to the tape recorder, he pretends to be a newsreader and says that there isn’t any news. This actually happened in England at one point in the 1950s.
  • This is the second time that Anna mentions “Mr. Right”. The first is in “No Flowers by Request”.
  • This is the last episode where Ali and Ranjeet argue with each other.

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