Seinfeld: 10 Favorite Characters, According To Reddit

Some of the favorite characters on Seinfeld are not even the main gang and not even necessarily likable. Find out what fans on Reddit are saying.

Much of Seinfeld is relatable, as it’s a “show about nothing” and features characters dealing with dry cleaning, going to dull parties, and waiting in line at restaurants. But the popular sitcom also has a lot of wacky plotlines and that’s all thanks to the characters, who are uniquely cynical and always find themselves in odd situations.

Seinfeld fans have discussed who their favorite characters are in several Reddit threads, and these range from members of the main friend group to some beloved people who appear in many episodes.

10George Costanza – Hilarious Lines And Silly Storylines

A fan posted on Reddit that they love George thanks to his hilarious lines and storylines. Another viewer responded, saying that they also enjoy watching George as “he has such a pessimistic outlook on life and everything bad always happens to him.”

Whether telling his marine biologist story or napping under his desk, George is one of the most beloved Seinfeld characters and many viewers enjoy watching the show because of him. There is no sitcom character who schemes and lies so much but still manages to be charming and funny.

9David Puddy – A Favorite Thanks To His Ditzy Personality

A fan shared on Reddit that their favorite character is David Puddy, as he has a ditzy personality that is also “dry.” Viewers enjoy Elaine and Puddy’s silly relationship, mostly because nothing ever goes well for them and they have a rocky romance.

Elaine and Puddy differ on many topics, from religion to what to do during a plane ride, and while viewers know that they will never last, it is always a lot of fun watching them together.

8Frank Costanza – Because Of Festivus

When talking about the best characters on Seinfeld, a fan shared in a Reddit thread that they love Frank Costanza, and another fan mentions Frank’s holiday, Festivus, and his “airing of grievances.”

Ever since hearing the words “it’s a Festivus for the rest of us,” Seinfeld fans have loved this winter holiday. It’s a very appealing celebration, especially since it involves explaining to relatives how they have been a disappointment all year, which is hilarious.

7Estelle Costanza – Her Scene In “The Contest” Was Too Funny

When Elaine catches George spending some time by himself in his room in the season 4 episode, “The Contest,” George is naturally mortified, and fans can’t help but find it hilarious.

A fan shared on Reddit that they love Estelle thanks to this scene, especially when she yells that George is “treating his body like it was an amusement park.”

6Kramer – His Physical Comedy & Odd Personality Win Out

While Seinfeld fans love the four main characters, both Kramer and George come up a lot on Reddit as favorite characters, and it’s true that they do stand out.

A fan said that they love Kramer for his physical mannerisms and because he is also really strange. Kramer’s physical comedy is beloved and he’s the only sitcom character who can move around like this and still have it somehow make sense. From barging into Jerry’s apartment without any advance notice to putting butter on his body and then laying in the sun, Kramer’s quirks are a staple of this show.

5J. Peterman – A Great Boss For Elaine

The side characters are also important on Seinfeld and a fan shared that they love J. Peterman, especially when he tells Elaine “Kudos, Elaine on a job … done.”

Fans love when Peterman goes Burma and puts Elaine in control of the catalog, which is a big deal for her, especially since has been working in publishing for years and is doing her best to rise up in the ranks. Scenes with Peterman are always fun to watch, as he isn’t very self-aware and always goes on long tangents and tells many stories.

4Kenny Bania – He’s THE BEST, Jerry, THE BEST!

Kenny Bania is another Seinfeld character mentioned on Reddit as a favorite and many love how he always says “the best!” Some fans find Bania irritating because of this same catchphrase and how he’s always bugging Jerry, so he’s a bit of a polarizing character.

Many viewers do enjoy watching him, though, as it’s funny to watch Jerry constantly having to deal with him. While Jerry would rather have nothing to do with Bania, it’s just not realistic, given that they work in the same comedian circle.

3Morty Seinfeld – His Wallet Scene Is A Classic

Fans shared that they love when Morty thinks his doctor stole his wallet and it’s one of the many beloved scenes involving Jerry’s dad.

Morty plays a huge role in the series and is often frustrated with something. Jerry sometimes has trouble connecting with his dad, whether it’s when Morty and Helen are visiting New York or when Jerry was at their condo in Florida, but Morty’s outrage is always funny.

2Uncle Leo – No One Can Forget Him

Uncle Leo is another fan favorite, according to Reddit. He is impossible to forget as he plays such a big role in Jerry’s life.

Even though being Leo’s nephew isn’t easy, and there is always drama, whether it’s about a family watch, a dinner party, or not saying hello, it seems like Jerry has a certain fondness for him and fans really love this character, too.

1Crazy Joe Davola – Frighteningly Unforgettable

Crazy Joe Davola is a scary and dark character, but some fans have pointed out that they like watching him on the show and he is mentioned as a favorite Seinfeld character.

Joe hates Jerry and even stalks him, as well as Elaine, which is terrifying, and while not everyone wants this character to be part of this New York City world, no one would say that he’s not memorable.

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