So True? So False? Did Kim Kardashian Pony Up Thousands For Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels?!

Reality star reportedly forks over $65,000 for a trio of late icon's jade and diamond bangles. Is it true?

Kim Kardashian has never been shy about expressing her love of Elizabeth Taylor—after all, she’s channeled her in photos, name-checked her as her idol, conducted one of the final interviews with the acting legend and was among the first to publicly mourn the icon.

But would she go so far as to drop a whopping $65,000 on three jade and diamond bracelets that were owned by the actress?

While no buyers were named in yesterday’s high-profile auction of Taylor’s jewels—which raked in an astounding $115 million—rumor has it that Kardashian was among those unnamed collectors who ponied up big bucks to own a piece of her enviable jewelry box.

But is it true? Did Kim really fork over five figures for Liz’s baubles? Shine on, you crazy diamonds, because this rumor is…

So true!

The Elizabeth Taylor Trust classily declined to comment on the details of any individual transactions, though sources close to Kim have confirmed to E! News that she did indeed buy the bracelets.

However, the dollar amount she paid for them will have to remain a mystery, as they are not commenting on that aspect of the purchase—but the trio of jade and diamond Lorraine Schwartz bangle bracelets reportedly went Kim’s way for $64,900.

While quite a pretty penny, the sale wasn’t even close to being the biggest of the auction.

The 33-carat diamond ring gifted to her from Richard Burton went for a whopping $8.8 million, while a 16th century pearl necklace known as “La Peregrina”—also from Burton—fetched a mind-boggling $11.8 million, thus setting the record for the sale of a single pearl.

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