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Sopranos Creator & Christopher Actor Are Writing A Secret Movie Together

Christopher Moltisanti actor MIchael Imperioli says he and The Sopranos creator David Chase are currently writing a "secret movie" together.

Michael Imperioli says he and The Sopranos creator David Chase are writing a secret movie together. It’s been off the air for fifteen years, but HBO’s iconic mob series continues to receive accolades. Just recently in fact, Rolling Stone Magazine placed The Sopranos #1 on its list of the 100 greatest TV shows of all-time

Given the ongoing love for and pop culture impact of The Sopranos, it’s no surprise that the show’s New Jersey mafia universe was recently revived for the prequel film The Many Saints of Newark. It remains to be seen however if Many Saints will prove to be a one-off, or the first film in a run of Sopranos universe content. For his part, Sopranos creator Chase has indicated that he would be willing to do one more movie, and even has an idea for it. Of course, Chase will not disclose his idea, nor indicate whether his movie would be another prequel or a sequel.

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As if fans weren’t already hungering for another Sopranos movie after the nostalgia-trip of The Many Saints of Newark, one of the show’s stars has now added fuel to the fire with his disclosure about a “secret” Chase project currently in the works. Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Christopher Moltisanti actor Imperioli revealed that Chase is in fact writing a movie right now, and that Imperioli and his Sopranos co-star and podcast mate Steve Schirripa are also involved. Check out Imperioli and Fallon’s full exchange in the space below:


[Fallon] Do you stay in touch with [Chase]?


[Imperioli] Yeah.


[Fallon] You do. Yeah.


[Imperioli] Yeah, we’re writing a movie together right now for me and Steve Schirripa. It’s a mystery project.


[Fallon] Wait. What?


[Imperioli] I can’t talk about it beyond that.


[Fallon] You and Steve Schirripa and David Chase?


[Imperioli] Yeah.


[Fallon] What are you talking — You from “The Sopranos,” Steve Schirripa from “The Sopranos,” David Chase from “The Sopranos” are writing a movie? And you can’t talk about what the movie’s about?


[Imperioli] David and I are writing it together. I can’t say what it’s about.


[Fallon] I know, but —


[Imperioli] But when it comes out, I’m gonna come here.


[Fallon] Okay. And talk about it.


[Imperioli] Before anybody, I’m gonna come here and talk about it.


[Fallon] That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what a friend is for.

Could David Chase & Michael Imperioli Be Writing Another Sopranos Movie?

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos (1999-2007)

As previously stated, Chase has himself disclosed that he has an idea for another Sopranos movie. It’s entirely possible that the movie referred to by Imperioli in the Fallon interview is this Sopranos movie, or it could be another non-Sopranos project entirely. Imperioli does say the “mystery movie” is for him and Schirripa, who played Bobby Bacala on The Sopranos. Fallon seems to take this as a hint that the mystery movie is Sopranos-related, but there are actually good reasons why it makes no sense to assume a project involving Imperioli and Schirripa as actors would be a Sopranos movie.

If this Chase-Imperioli movie is some kind of Christopher Moltisanti/Bobby Bacala movie as Fallon wants to hint, it would obviously not be a sequel to the show, as both those characters are dead by the end. But if it’s set during the era of the show, or is a prequel to the show, to pull it off with the original actors in place would require some Irishman-level deaging CGI. And frankly it’s hard to believe anyone would sign off on the expense of digitally deaging Imperioli and Schirripa for a movie that teams up Christopher and Bobby, two characters who are certainly popular with fans, but were not exactly a dynamic duo on the show (Christopher and Paulie are obviously the team everyone loves). Of course there’s a chance Shirripa is actually involved in a non-acting sense, and this mystery The Sopranos movie is the Many Saints of Newark sequel fans have been hoping for, with Imperioli lending Chase a hand in the writing. At the moment, it’s all very hush-hush according to Imperioli.

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