Laurel and Hardy

Stan Laurel statue struck by lightning in Plymouth garden

It was nearly Another Fine Mess for this Stan Laurel statue which was struck by lightning

The thunder and lightning has been rampant throughout Plymouth this morning – and has even affected comedy legend Stan Laurel.

Local man Kevin Kelway has kept a stone statue of his comedy heroes Laurel and Hardy in his garden on Plymouth Hoe for over 26 years.

The comedy giants have spent the time watching the world go by in the city, and have experienced everything over the last two decades.

But Kevin was startled when all the electricity in his flat momentarily went off this morning and one of the duo was struck by a beam of light outside.

He said: “For over 26 years my comedy heroes Laurel and Hardy have stood calm and timeless outside of my kitchen window on the Hoe.

“They have witnessed many thousands of events, showcases, community campaigns, soap operas, and dramas in my life – but they stood calm and defiantly today when Stanley was struck by a lightning strike.

Kevin Kelway's Laurel and Hardy bust - with Laurel being struck by lightning
Kevin Kelway’s Laurel and Hardy bust – with Laurel being struck by lightning (Image: Kevin Kelway)

“The sizzle of the strike briefly flickered all the electricity in the flat and even set off my kitchen smoke alarm that sent my house cat Geeto to hide downstairs – which he normally does when the British Fireworks displays are happening.

“All is safe and calm now and my timeless duo will keep calm and carry on and oh…the seagull mess.”

He added that the strike had moved the bust and discoloured Mr Laurel slightly, but he managed to survive.

It comes as the Met Office placed a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms across the majority of the South West, including the whole of Devon and parts of Cornwall.

The warning is in place between 11am and 9pm on Wednesday (September 8), with heavy rain and lightning possible for the region.

Already, Plymouth has heard loud bangs of thunder throughout the morning and the skies are dark and moody.

At around 7.30am this morning, UK Weather Chase said the storm was a “monster”.


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