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Supergirl’s Sultry DC vs. Vampires Cover Art Sees Kara Break Bad

A new variant cover for DC vs. Vampires hints that Supergirl is just the first in a scary new lineup of Kryptonians who will be turned into vampires.

In addition to being a classic tale of superheroes versus the supernatural, the 12-issue limited series DC vs. Vampires is giving fans variant covers that they can sink their teeth into, reimagining iconic heroes like Supergirl under the vampires’ influence. A variant cover of DC vs. Vampires #2 illustrated by Warren Louw features a gorgeous visual of Kara Zor-El as a creature of the night. With skin as pale as the moon behind her, her hand beckons in invitation, imploring the reader to dive into the book or fly off into the night with her.

The idea of superheroes being tempted to the dark side or influenced by the occult has ensured that zombies and vampires are a consistent part of comics books. Vampires are scheming in Marvel Comics and DC Comics alike right now, and heroes like Superman, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man and Batman have all fought Dracula before. With variant covers that show the most powerful heroes becoming bloodthirsty versions of themselves, there is a sense that the undead may gain the upper hand in this series.

Though DC vs. Vampires #2 doesn’t show that Kara Zor-El’s transformation has occurred within the story’s narrative yet, the variant cover art by Warren Louw suggests a classic romantic take on vampirism. Supergirl’s gaze is sultry and alluring, her open mouth is ready for a taste of blood. She is in midair with the moon behind her, like the classic vampire who is approaching a top-story window waiting to be invited in past the threshold.

DC vs. Vampires, written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Otto Schmidt, explores why the delicate balance between humans and vampires is now in shreds, leading to a secret war between its heroes and vampires. The story focuses on two central mysteries: Batman seeks to get to the bottom of why the Justice League is being targeted and wants to figure out why the vampire leader Mary, Queen of Blood, has been assassinated. The first book in the series and another variant cover featuring Green Lantern make it clear that members of the Justice League have been compromised as part of the vampires’ plot. This is a reality that is sure to keep fans guessing as to who might be trusted or who might be eliminated by their own teammates. Supervillains are proving just as likely to succumb, as the League of Doom has also been infected.

If the new DC vs. Vampires cover proves prophetic and Supergirl is indeed a member of the vampires’ growing army, this is a huge challenge to overcome. There is also a real fear that her familial bond with her cousin Superman may position her to transform the Man of Steel into a vampire, scoring the biggest prize of them all. No matter what happens, Supergirl is certain to join the fray one way or another.

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