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The 10 Funniest Scenes From Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was by no means a comedy series, but there were several hilarious scenes that offered much-needed breaks from the palpable tension.

While it isn’t exactly a comedy series, Breaking Bad did have some funny running gags. But, with an actor like Bryan Cranston at the helm, originally known for his role as the goofy dad on the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, it goes without saying that there would be some comedic elements to the plot.

Indeed, while Breaking Bad was thrilling, dark, and menacing at its core, there were a few moments of hilarity to help break up the tension. Some of the scenes might not have seemed funny at the time. But, in hindsight, they are all quite hilarious.

Pizza On The Roof

A pizza on the roof of the house in a scene in Breaking Bad.

One of the most iconic scenes of the series is that pizza on the roof scene, when Walt visits the house, hoping that bringing along a pie as a peace offering will help smooth things over with Skyler. But, she wants nothing to do with him and slams the door in his face.

Angry, Walt throws the pizza in the air, and it lands perfectly on the roof. What makes the scene so funny is that it was reportedly filmed in just one take, a complete fluke that the pie landed in just the right spot, according to ShowBiz CheatSheet.

The Dissolving Bathtub Scene

Walt and Jesse looking through a hole in the ceiling on Breaking Bad.

It wasn’t funny in that a man had just been killed, but, when Walt and Jesse were trying to figure out what to do, neither of them having been in such a serious situation before, they decided to dissolve the body in hydrofluoric acid, one of many chemical compounds Walter White used in Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, Jesse tossed the body and acid in the bathtub before Walt could explain to him that acid dissolves porcelain, so, to do it right, they would need a specific type of plastic container.

It was too late, however, as the bathtub, along with all of the liquified remains of the body, came crashing through the floor/ceiling to the level of the house below. The resulting mess was disgusting, but seeing Walt and Jesse having to clean it up because of Jesse’s lack of scientific knowledge was pretty funny. Cranston told Business Insider that it was by far the “grossest scene” from the show that he had to film.

Dinner With Jesse And The Whites

Skyler, Jesse, and Walt at the dinner table in a scene from Breaking Bad.

It goes down as one of the most awkward dinner scenes ever on television. Somehow, Jesse gets roped into having dinner with Walter and Skyler during a time when their marital tension was at an all-time high. Jesse quickly realizes how uncomfortable he is and comes up with ridiculous topics to try and break the ice.

While Skyler brings up her affair as though it’s an appropriate dinner conversation, Jesse talks about green beans and how he often gets fooled by TV dinners that aren’t as good as they look on the packages. It was comedy gold.

Building A Robot In The Desert

During the early days of their operation, Walter and Jesse drove out to the middle of the desert in order to cook drugs, hoping to be able to do so away from civilization so as not to get caught. However, they didn’t really think ahead and ended up running out of gas and power.

The conversations between the two trying to figure out what to do were hilarious, with Jesse implying that Walt should “make some kind of robot” or “build a battery” to get them out of a jam, as though it were that easy. With Walt’s knowledge of science, however, he realized he could actually pull that off. Along with being one of the funniest, it was one of the most wholesome moments in Breaking Bad.

Yeah, B****h, Magnets!

Jesse throwing his hands in the air, his mouth open yelling from a scene in Breaking Bad.

Jesse’s catchphrase was “yah, b***h!” and he used it often throughout the series. It was always funny when he said it, but never as much as with the magnets storyline. While trying to figure out what to do about the fact that the laptop with footage of Walt and Jesse cooking was in the possession of the police department, Jesse proved that he did, in fact, learn something from Walt when he suggested that they find a giant magnet to wipe the laptop clean before the cops could look at what was on it.

When their test at a junkyard proved successful, Jesse was incredibly proud of himself and declared “Yeah, b***c, magnets!” while jumping up with excitement. The moment has become a thing of Internet memedom and one of the quotes from Breaking Bad that lives rent-free in fans’ heads.

Jesse Bored In The Meth Lab

Jesse wearing a yellow suit, blown up with air sitting in a chair from Breaking Bad.

In one scene, Jesse is left alone in the meth lab, completely lost as to what he should do. So, he decides to make the best of his time the only way he knows how—by goofing around.

He races himself in chairs, blows up the inside of his suit using a vacuum, reflects on his life, and discovers a high-pressure air hose. It was one of the few times fans got to see Jesse actually having fun and being genuinely happy.

Walter Quitting His Job At The Car Wash

Walter staring aimlessly out the window at the car wash in Breaking Bad.

Walt had just received his cancer diagnosis, and, knowing it was terminal, was dealing with the fact that he was going to die. But, the best moment was when he completely lost his temper at the car wash where he worked.

When his rude boss approached him to come help do some work outside, Walt yelled an expletive at him. “F**k you!’ he screamed, “and your eyebrows!” referencing the man’s distinctively bushy eyebrows. He started knocking air fresheners and other small items off their wall pegs and proceeded to make a lude gesture. It was an absolutely hilarious scene that demonstrated just how much anger Walt had been holding in for so long.

Saul And Hank’s Funny Exchange

Saul and Hank sitting down together in the interrogation room on Breaking Bad.

Saul and Hank could not have been more different from one another. Though they were both goofy and quirky in their own ways, Hank was all about upholding the letter of law. Saul, meanwhile—who was the funniest character on Breaking Bad—was all about finding loopholes that would allow him to skirt the law, whether legal or otherwise.

So, when the two met, it was comedy gold. “I sense you are discussing my client,” said Saul, “anything you can share with me?” “Yes, your commercials, they suck a**,” declared Hank, who went on to make an unsavory joke that led to Saul retorting with a clever “your mom” reply.

That Guacamole Scene

Marie and Hank looking awkward and angry with a waiter standing by the table on Breaking Bad.

While trying to have an intense conversation in a restaurant, Walt, Skyler, Hank, and Marie keep getting interrupted by the overly enthusiastic waiter who is trying his best to upsell them on the table-side guacamole.

The scene was so funny that it apparently actually helped boost sales of the avocado-based dip for the restaurant in Albuquerque where it was filmed, Garduno’s, according to

Badger’s Rant About Star Trek

Badger with his finger to his temple and a beanie on his head on Breaking Bad.

Most interactions between Badger and Skinny Pete, who had two of the best nicknames on Breaking Bad, were hilarious, particularly because the best friends often acted like an old married couple. The pair argued back and forth on very specific details about the show and episodes. What makes the scene even funnier is Jesse’s annoyed face as he looks on, dying for the conversation to be over.

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