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The 15 Most Rewatchable TV Series, According To Reddit

Is there one show that you think you could watch over and over again nonstop? These Redditors think so, and they shared their go-to rewatch series!

Sometimes all a TV watcher wants to do is veg out to their absolute favorite show on a loop forever and ever. That being said, there are a ton of factors that make some television series better for rewatching than others.

Whether it’s the quality of the plot, minute details that can get overlooked the first time through, or jokes that remain timelessly funny, some shows have the rare quality of standing up to rewatch after rewatch without getting old, and Redditors have weighed in on exactly which shows those are.

Updated on September 14th, 2022 by Colin McCormick: With the new series House of the Dragon already becoming one of the hottest shows around, many fans have been rewatching Game of Thrones. While the disappointing ending makes it hard from some to revisit, there are other series that provide the same laughs, thrills and comfort that audiences are looking for no matter how many times they revisit them. Redditors have highlighted even more shows that can watch again and again which might inspire others to go back to some of these favorites.

The X-Files (1993-2018)

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Scully and Mulder point guns side by side on The X-Files

The mix of supernatural thrills and mystery is something that works for a lot of shows now, including Stranger Things. But one of the best shows to do it was The X-Files that explored agents Mulder and Scully investigating various strange occurrences.

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The show ran for nine seasons before getting a revival in 2016. While some fans found that the show dipped in quality as it went on, Redditor spacednlost claimed the show holds up well and was surprised at some of the things it got away with, saying there were “Some gross, dark stuff there.”

Seinfeld (1989-1998)

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As one of the most acclaimed sitcoms of all time, it is not surprising that Seinfeld has a lasting legacy. However, while other sitcoms can begin to feel dated while they are still on the air, Seinfeld has kept audiences laughing for decades.

Without being concerned with their characters learning lessons or sharing heartfelt moments, Seinfeld simply delivered endless jokes. Redditor hammersaw agreed that the show separates itself from other sitcoms as the “jokes seem timeless.”

30 Rock (2006-2013)

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Liz and Jack in Jack's office in 30 Rock

Though 30 Rock was inspired by Tina Fey’s time as head writer of Saturday Night Live, the show remained so funny for its willingness to play outside of reality. From its wonderful cast of bizarre characters to its heightened reality to its amazing guest stars, 30 Rock always delivered.

It is also the kind of show that has so many gags and references that it rewards viewers with repeat viewings. Redditor complexor insisted “no matter how many times I rewatch the series, I find hilarious jokes I missed.”

Happy Endings (2011-2013)

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The cast of Happy Endings.

With so many streaming services available, it gives shows that perhaps didn’t find success initially a chance to find a new appreciation. Happy Endings was about 30-something friends living in Chicago that was sadly the sitcom was canceled too soon after three seasons.

But the show continues to find new fans as well as be revisited by those who loved it from the beginning. With a great sense of humor and likable characters, Redditor Antemology called it “a solid pick-me-up show.”

Law & Order (1990-present)

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Detectives watch an execution in “Aftershock”-(S6E23)-Law--Order-1

Part of what makes a great show to rewatch is how entertaining and enthralling the show is. Another part is how much content there is to enjoy without getting tired of it. For that reason, some fans find Law & Order to be the ideal show to return to.

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With a case-of-the-week format, the show explores the police work and legal prosecution of various crimes. With over 20 seasons and a few hundred episodes, Redditor INMATEofARKHAM pointed out that “even if you start at a random place it’s not likely an episode you’ve seen recently.”

Community (2009-2015)

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The cast of Community sitting at a work table

Community boasts a comedian-studded cast that includes the likes of Joel McHale, Allison Brie, Donald Glover, Gillian Jacobs, and so many more. The on-again-off-again NBC series created by Rick And Morty’s Dan Harmon has a devoted fan base that thinks the show has spectacular rewatch value.

Redditor sunsetsur4 started the thread talking about Community, saying, “I see something new in every episode! They’re chock full.” Each Community character has endless funny quotes and there is a surprising amount of heart which leaves no surprise that there are layers to dissect upon watching the show more than once.

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

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The Sopranos James Gandolfini Tony Soprano money

Diverting from comedy, many Redditors cited The Sopranos as being their go-to repeat series. The intense crime drama about the Italian mafia ran for six seasons and all six of them were still able to include some of the most unexpected things to happen in The Sopranos.

Reddit user Mr_Reed416 summed it up perfectly when he said that the show is, “incredibly re-watchable due to the complex, detailed plot, perfect dialogue, fully fleshed-out characters, and an acting tour-de-force by Mr. Gandolfini.”

Lost (2004-2010)

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Kate outside looking dirty on Lost

If the strength of the Sopranos is the unexpected event, the strength of Lost is the use of plot twists. There were wild turns, even if there were some plot twists in Lost that everyone saw coming a mile away. Nevertheless, Lost cemented itself as an intricate sci-fi drama that is worthy of multiple run-throughs.

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One thing that kept Redditor Dancininmoonlight coming back for more with Lost was the foreshadowing that they had missed the first time watching the series. They wrote, “I was hooked on analyzing everything and wondering what was going on. When I finished it, I had the urge to go back and watch it again to see all the foreshadowing.”

The Wire (2002-2008)

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Wendell Pierce and Dominic West standing by a car in The Wire

A show that popped up numerous times on the Reddit thread was The Wire, a crime drama about the Baltimore drug scene. The show is famous not only for its enthralling characters and captivating grit, but also for notoriously jump-starting the career of actor Idris Elba.

Redditors can’t stop watching The Wire. One Reddit user, evacipated, raved about their experience watching the show, noting, “I’m on my second time around watching The Wire right now, about five months after my first. Despite the relatively short interim, the show still feels amazing, like there’s still more to see.”

Arrested Development (2003-2019)

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Michael and his family in Arrested Development

Another series that got repeated mentions by different Redditors was Arrested Development, a very popular show that was notoriously canceled before being brought back, then canceled again. Jason Bateman is a fan-favorite actor whose work is almost impossible not to like. Not to mention the rest of the incredibly talented cast.

AxelmanFR on Reddit detailed why it was they loved to rewatch the show, stating, “Every time you watch it, you laugh at a joke you didn’t see the previous time.” Comedy that can be re-experienced with the same level of enthusiasm is rare, but Arrested Development definitely stands the test of time.

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

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Rory and Lorelai walk outside in the quad of Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls

The famous mother and daughter duo and their many shenanigans are kept close to fans’ hearts. Whether it’s Lorelai’s magical first snow episodes of each Gilmore Girls season or the many love affairs of Rory Gilmore, there is so much to love about the cozy series.

Reddit user Pleaxure summed up the reason they love to rewatch Gilmore Girls by simply saying, “So many pop culture references, so little time.” And it’s true. Gilmore Girls is known for its quick-witted banter and even wittier references. The girls talk a mile a minute, so fans need the extra watches to catch them all.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005-present)

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Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the few shows mentioned on the Reddit thread that can’t truly be “re-watched” in its entirety because new episodes are still currently airing. Nevertheless, avid fans of the show delve back into previous seasons to see if they uncover any previously unnoticed jokes.

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One Redditor, Tony-Soprano, wrote, “It’s amazing how many little things you pick up on once you know the characters.” Reddit user snoogans122 chimed in, saying, “Each episode has so much repeat value,” and Frankie_FastHands admitted, “I’ve watched that whole s— like 7 times.”

Scrubs (2001-2010)

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JD standing in front of the other hospital staff from Scrubs

With so many medical dramas on television, it was refreshing to have something that took place in a hospital that didn’t turn viewers into a puddle every episode. Scrubs definitely has its emotional moments, but at its core, it is a light-hearted and heartwarming comedy about a very serious profession.

These reasons are most likely why so many people find the show comforting and go back to it again and again. Redditor cptcakes117 wrote about the show, saying, “So many great memories associated with that show, and it still makes me laugh incredibly hard.”

Rick And Morty (2013 – Present)

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A holographic Rick talks to Beth and Morty in Rick and Morty

There are so many reasons to rewatch Adult Swim’s animated sci-fi series, Rick And Morty. From the layered jokes to things from season 5 that were foreshadowed in previous seasons, the great banter between characters and complex plot development will keep fans entertained through multiple viewings.

Several people agreed with this sentiment on the Reddit thread, with Reddit user Ol1v3rof citing, “Red Dwarf and Rick and Morty are two that I can watch and rewatch all day.” A user that’s since been deleted was asked about the rewatchability on a different thread and answered, “Each time you watch, you’ll pick up on hidden-in-plain-sight details and catch jokes that you missed the first time.”

The Office (2005-2013)

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Michael gives CPR to a dummy on The Office

An almost universal favorite on Reddit is that of The Office. The amazing mockumentary series about the paper company Dunder Mifflin has an episodic nature that is perfect for rewatching or passively watching throughout the day.

Fans listed it off on the Reddit thread, although there was some contention over whether or not it had the same rewatch value once Michael Scott left the office. Redditor blorp91 listed the show and said, “Especially before Michael leaves. Can’t even count how many times I’ve watched it.” Lizardking13 countered, “Even after Michael leaves, the show is still good. It’s the only show I’ve seen multiple times and still laugh out loud at.”

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