‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Here’s How Much Thelma Lou Actor Betty Lynn Made on Program

Fans of “The Andy Griffith Show” remember actress Betty Lynn from her role as Barney Fife’s girlfriend. How much did she earn?

According to an article from MeTV, Lynn, who appeared in 26 episodes from 1961-66, earned $500 per episode.

Knotts, though, left “The Andy Griffith Show” after five seasons. With him no longer on the show, there was not much use for Lynn on the show and she became a Mayberry footnote.

Betty Lynn is still alive at 95 years old. But she did appear as Thelma Lou one more time.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Actress Made One More Appearance In Memorable Role

When Griffith was making the TV movie “Return to Mayberry” in 1986, one storyline had Barney getting hitched to Thelma Lou. So, one could say that a loving conclusion to her time on the Griffith show was reached.

But the shows that had Lynn as part of Don Knotts’ character’s love life are memorable. Griffith had given Knotts the sense that he would be canceling his CBS sitcom after five seasons, so the comic started looking for work. Knotts ended up signing a movie deal with Universal Studios.

“I left because Andy had said he would never do the show longer than five years. And, I had a five-year contract,” Knotts said in an interview. “During the fifth season, I thought, ‘Geez, I better start looking around for more work.’ And, I wound up getting an offer from Universal to do movies and do my own pictures.”

“The Andy Griffith Show” would welcome Knotts back as a guest star. His absence was explained by Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor that Fife went on to work in the Mount Pilot Police Department.

Don Knotts, Who Played Thelma Lou’s Sweetheart, Worked On 2 Shows wth Scooby-Doo

Griffith would oversee his sitcom from 1960-68. He left after eight seasons, but CBS reworked the show to become “Mayberry R.F.D.” That show starred “F Troop” veteran Ken Berry and child actor Buddy Foster. They hoped to replicate the Griffith-Ronny Howard magic, and the show lasted three seasons.

Speaking of Knotts, did you know that he actually made an appearance with a famed cartoon character? Well, as fast you can say “Scooby snack,” then you’ll get the reference.

Yes, Knotts would help out “those meddling kids” in a couple of episodes for the “New Scooby-Doo Movies” in 1972.

In “Guess Who’s Knott Coming to Dinner” and “The Spooky Fog of Juneberry,” Knotts provided the voice for characters that had some type of connection to Fife.

“The Andy Griffith Show” remains a show that people can see nearly every day thanks to the world of reruns. This includes watching the love stir between Barney and Thelma Lou.

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