‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Mayberry’s Doctor George Nader Once Revealed How To Be a “Popular Teen”

The Andy Griffith Show’s most eligible bachelor once gave 1960s teens advice on popularity. And it was quite good.

That bachelor was Mayberry’s town doctor, who was played by Golden Globe winner George Nader. The actor served as a guest columnist for The Boston Globe’s teen etiquette column titled Dear Kitte.

In the paper, Nader answered a teen named “Miss X” who wrote, “Hardly anybody that I meet casually or in a group notices or remembers me. I feel like a most uninteresting person. How can I get to be a somebody?”

After reading Miss X’s question, Nader thought the answer was simple. All the teen needed to do was explore her individuality.

“Miss X won’t be nobody when she discovers the importance of being an individual,” he responded. “This may take some exploring, but it doesn’t require travel. The most fabulous frontier is the mind, and it can be the most exciting frontier to explore.”

George Nader went on to acknowledge that being a teenager is hard, and most peers don’t make life any easier. But he also thought that if the writer stayed true to herself, she’d come out on the other side wiser, happier, and more popular.

“In teens, when almost everyone is pushing conformity, it is easy to fall prey to the herd instinct,” he continued. ” Don’t forget that one thing that separates man from animals is his awareness that he is an individual and has the capacity to act like one.”

Adding, “I don’t mean that you should turn into a selfish, unthinking, irresponsible egotist. But I do mean that you must not underestimate the value of your own individuality.”

When the actor starred on The Andy Griffith Show one year later, he definitely used that advice while creating his character of Dr. Robert Benson.

The MD was such an individual that Aunt Bee and Barney Fife became infatuated with him. They even warned Andy that Benson could steal the heart of his girlfriend, Ellie.

But in any case, we hope you enjoy the vintage advice. It’s good stuff.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star Howard Will Receive Huge Award

Little Opie Taylor is all grown up and winning huge awards.

In March, actor-turned-director Ron Howard will hold the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Filmmaker Award, which he’ll get at the 69th annual Golden Reels.

The coming trophy will sit beside the two Oscars, four Emmys, and 36 other awards that he’s already claimed.

“Ron Howard has inspired and delighted movie lovers worldwide with a body of work incredible in its scope, broad appeal, and consistent excellence,” the MPSE President told Deadline. “His tireless imagination and generous spirit serve as an example to all of us involved in the art of filmmaking. We are proud to present him with this honor.”

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