‘The Andy Griffith Show’: One Character Also Voiced the Keebler Elf

The Andy Griffith Show is an iconic part of television history. It was a hit with viewers around the country. At the same time, it bolstered the careers of many of its stars. For instance, it made Andy Griffith and Don Knotts household names. They had some fame, at the time. However, after that show they were stars. Additionally, it pushed Ron Howard to be a filmmaker. One actor on the show went on to become an elf.

Parley Baer started as a circus ringmaster. He then went on to make a name for himself on the radio. He was on the radio adaptation of Gunsmoke. Then, he transitioned to television. Eventually, he made his way to The Andy Griffith Show as Mayor Roy Stoner. He was on the show for a handful of episodes before they phased the character out.

After leaving The Andy Griffith Show, Baer appeared in several movies and television shows. However, his longest-running role was as Ernest J, “Ernie” Keebler. Baer voiced the snack-making tree elf from 1969 to 1997, according to The Huffington Post. Baer was the perfect fit for the role. In fact, his time in Mayberry may have helped him prepare for the role. Ernie was a folksy down-home little fellow. So, he would have been right at home alongside other Mayberry residents. If he was, you know, human and a few feet taller.

Andy Didn’t Want A Mayor On The Andy Griffith Show

Andy had a generous amount of creative control on The Andy Griffith Show. However, sometimes he just had to bite his tongue and go along with what showrunner Sheldon Leonard wanted. This was the case when Leonard introduced the idea of adding a mayor to Mayberry.

Leonard thought that the addition of a “boss character” would be good for The Andy Griffith Show. On the other hand, Andy didn’t fully agree. He argued that a mayor couldn’t be Andy Taylor’s boss. The sheriff is a county authority. The mayor, on the other hand, is a local official. So, if anything, Andy would have been over the mayor on some things. Sheldon Leonard wouldn’t listen to Andy, though. So, Mayberry got a mayor.

Mayor Stoner was the second of two mayoral characters on The Andy Griffith Show. The first was Mayor Pike. He made his debut early in the first season. In fact, he came to The Andy Griffith Show during the same episode as Barney Fife. Pike, however, didn’t last long. He was in eleven episodes of the first two seasons of the series. This happened because Dick Elliott, the actor who played him, died while they were shooting the second season of the show.

Baer’s Mayor Stoner entered the show during the third season of The Andy Griffith Show. However, he was only in seven episodes.

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