‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star Ron Howard Shares TV Guide Cover From ‘Many Moons Ago’

Hey Outsiders! Does anyone remember those TV Guide catalogs where that let everyone know what shows and movies are coming on soon? Former “The Andy Griffith Show” star, Ron Howard, shares an old copy with himself and the late Andy Griffith on the cover.

From 1960 to 1968, the pair plated father and son on the hit CBS comedy series. The now 67-year-old filmmaker played Griffith’s son, Opie.

The caption of Howard’s latest post reads, “This week many moons ago. I’m grateful for the experiences & memories & enjoyed sharing many in http://hc.com/theboys.” He also includes a link to his and his brother, Clint’s autobiography, The Boys.

Fans of Ron Howard shared their love for “The Andy Griffith Show” in the comments. One fan said, “Oh…lookit that sweet little face!!! I have the entire series on DVD including commercials that Andy did. It is my treasure!!!”

I think many of us, no matter our age, can say the same thing.

John Wayne Once Taught Ron Howard A Very Important Lesson

John Wayne Once Taught Ron Howard an Important Lesson

Ron Howard has by no means made a name for himself in Hollywood. He’s known by older generations as Opie Taylor for his role in the 1960s “The Andy Griffth Show.” From 1974 to 1984, he played all-American Richie Cunningham in the popular “Happy Days” series in the 1970s. Apparently, Howard’s real-life personality is not that far from his on-screen one. At a young age, it left him a bit nervous about meeting co-star John Wayne before working together on the 1976 film, “The Shootist.”

In the 1976 western movie, Howard played Gillom Rogers, the teenage assistant to local dairy creamer, Jay Cobb (Bill McKinney). This was John Wayne’s final film role before his death in 1979.

Ron Howard described his first meeting with The Duke to UPI. “

“I went into ‘The Shootist’ expecting not to have a great time. Wayne was notorious for not getting along with young actors.”

Howard admits that their first meeting did not start off well. He says that he walked into Wayne’s hotel room and found him playing chess without his hairpiece. 

According to the “Happy Days” star, Wayne didn’t even look up from his chess game until someone showed him a TV Guide catalog with Howard and Henry Winkler on the cover. When Wayne finally spoke, he sarcastically called a young Ron Howard a ‘big shot.’

However, the two actors ended up bonding over Howard’s television experience.

“But it turned out my television background was something he really related to because those Westerns were sort of his version of being a television actor. He felt like with that kind of background, a person would know how to get it done,” Howard recalled.

Even today, Ron Howard still remembers the work ethic Wayne once compared to many male actors.

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