‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star’s Children Developing Series Called ‘Mayberry Man: Here’s How You Can Be in It

The hit classic TV comedy series, The Andy Griffith Show may have hit the airwaves over six decades ago. However, the series has since remained a major piece of TV history. Forming a strong base of fans who are drawn to the hilariously sweet and wholesome entertainment that is now synonymous with the Andy Griffith-led series.

Now, the children of one of the show’s cast members have been developing a project inspired by the classic series. Initially, this project brought us the Mayberry Man film in 2021. And, the filmmakers are taking the salute to The Andy Griffith Show a bit further; creating a new streaming series titled Mayberry Man: The Series. And, viewers now have a chance to be a part of the new Mayberry show!

Fans Have A Chance To Be In The Series Inspired By The Andy Griffith Show

In the 2021 feature film, Mayberry Man a self-involved movie star named Chris Stone. Stone finds his life turned upside down because of The Andy Griffith Show as the fictional film star spends a week at a throwback festival celebrating the popular 1960s TV series.

Now, the upcoming series, Mayberry Man: The Series, is picking up where this film leaves off. Chris Stone has now developed relationships with some of the people he meets during the festival. Now, Stone must navigate these new developments in the modern-day Mayberry.

And, fans of the film, and/or the original series have a chance to visit this brand-new Mayberry. The creators of the series are setting things up so fans can have a chance to become extras…or even actors in the series.

Mayberry Man: The Series Is Relying On Crowd-Funding Which Could Bring Everyday Investors Some Major Perks; Including Appearing In the Upcoming Series!

When raising funds for the Mayberry Man film, the producers primarily relied on crowd-funding to back the project. Now, the creators of the series are taking the same approach for Mayberry Man: The Series. Fans who invest in the project have the opportunity to choose from a variety of perks. These include adding the fans’ names to the film credits; or even an opportunity to attend the red carpet premiere. Fans can even earn the opportunity to participate as a background extra. Or even an on-screen part with a speaking role.

Mayberry Man is created by Stark and Cort Howell, the children of Hoke Howell. Howell is a character actor who portrays the hillbilly character, Dud Walsh on The Andy Griffith Show. The inspiration for the project came when Howell’s children attended a similar festival in Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina.

“I’ve always been a fan of the show,” notes Stark Howell.

“But I was shocked to discover the spirit of Mayberry still exists today within the tight-knit Mayberry fan community,” the producer continues. “It’s the perfect setting to tell modern-day, family-friendly stories that express the virtues of the fictitious town of Mayberry that we all love.”

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